Hilton HHonors 117 hotels dropping reward category April 30, by location

The 117 hotels dropping reward category April 30, 2012 are mostly from the two mid-tier HHonors categories 3 and 4. 49 category-4 hotels currently at 30,000 points per reward night will drop to category-3 at 25,000 points per reward night. Another 47 hotels will drop from category 3 to category-2. These new category-2 hotels will require only 50% points at 12,500 points per standard reward night in May 2012 compared to the reward rate now.

There was little downward movement for hotels in the other HHonors reward categories. The big news is there are actually hotels being added back to category 1. That has been a pretty lonely HHonors category the past few years with fewer than 50 hotels, I think.  Hilton’s website does not make it easy to see how many category 1 hotels there are since it requires searching country by country.

Nearly 3 times the number of hotels increase category April 30 as decrease.

Hilton Hotel Names

The main issue I had with the hotel list provided by Hilton HHonors for the April 30 category reassignment was poorly constructed.  I changed the names of dozens of hotels to match the hotel name you see on the hotel’s website page.

Some hotels were difficult to determine exactly which hotel is being reassigned in category. The HHonors list shows a name that did not match the exact hotel name of any specific hotel. I think the most radical change of a name was Hampton Lakewood Lodging on the Hilton list. As far as I can tell this property is actually the Hampton Inn Denver West Federal Center in Lakewood, Colorado.

Hilton’s standard hotel name nomenclature tends to be the metropolitan area followed by a more specific location. For example, Hampton Inn Long Island/Islandia New York is in the town of Islandia on Long Island. Hampton Inn Philadelphia/King of Prussia (Valley Forge) is a hotel in King of Prussia near Valley Forge in the vicinity of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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  1. Excellent resource, as always, Ric! Thanks!

    H/I in Fall River should be a good choice for Newport RI and near Cape Cod. In addition, the 2 new Cat 2 Hamptons in CT are a great help, as well. Few points required and cash and points, if available, may prove to be an even better choice!

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