Hilton Garden Inn lobby refresh initiative

‘Project Grow’ is the lobby refresh initiative for Hilton Garden Inn hotels to bring new color schemes and seating arrangements with updated floor and tile work to these commonly cookie-cutter properties. 

The Phase 1 addition of column accents is expected to be completed at over 400 of 540 Hilton Garden Inn properties by the end of 2012. Project completion is scheduled for year-end 2013.

The idea is to make the lobby an inviting space for guests and improve the food and beverage revenue for Hilton Garden Inns. The renovations are about a $75,000 to $80,000 investment per hotel and expected to drive higher room rates.

I always like the designer’s concept of changes. In the case of the Hilton Garden Inn Project Grow, FRCH Design Worldwide states the idea is to conjure the spirit of an outdoor garden party for a lobby atmosphere that encourages guests to spend more time in the Pavilion. The basic idea is to maximize food and beverage potential for the Hilton Garden Inn brand by getting people to spend time socializing and working in the lobby.


  • Open flow for more guest socialization and interaction, inviting guests to relax, linger and enjoy the Garden Pavilion.
  • Cabana draperies in the cupola area, as well as signature pendant lighting and lanterns evoking the spirit of a garden party.
  • Planters with live interior plants create a garden atmosphere .
  • Signature garden cart and garden table showcase the hotel’s food & beverage offerings.
  • Communal breakfast and bar tables and signature seating serving as social and meeting spaces throughout the day.
  • Focal pieces above the fireplace featuring signature artwork exclusive to Hilton Garden Inn.


Photo Credit: © 2012 Hilton Garden Inn


Photo Credit: © 2012 Hilton Garden Inn


Photo Credit: © 2012 Hilton Garden Inn


Photo Credit: © 2012 Hilton Garden Inn

The photos shown here are from the Hilton Garden Inn Twinsburg, Ohio where the new design has been implemented.

HGI Growing Globally

There are expected to be about 50 new Hilton Garden inn hotels opening outside the USA by the end of 2013. Here are a few of the new properties.


  • Hilton Garden Inn Istanbul/Golden Horn (4th Quarter, 2011)
  • Hilton Garden Inn Mardin (4th Quarter, 2011)
  • Hilton Garden Inn Diyarbakir (4th Quarter, 2012)
  • Hilton Garden Inn Istanbul Ataturk Airport (4th Quarter, 2012)


  • Hilton Garden Inn Shaoxing (2nd Quarter, 2012)


  • Hilton Garden Inn Sofia Airport (2nd Quarter, 2012)


  • Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt Airport (1st Quarter, 2012)


  • Hilton Garden Inn Gurgaon Baani Square (2nd Quarter, 2012)


  • Hilton Garden Inn Panama City Downtown (1st Quarter, 2012)


  • Hilton Garden Inn Rzeszow (4th Quarter, 2011)
  • Hilton Garden Inn Warsaw-Mokotow (4th Quarter, 2012)


  • Hilton Garden Inn Doha Al Sadd (4th Quarter, 2012)


  • Hilton Garden Inn Krasnodar (1st Quarter, 2012)
  • Hilton Garden Inn Yaroslavl (3rd Quarter, 2012)
  • Hilton Garden Inn Ul’tanovsk (4th Quarter, 2012)

Saudi Arabia

  • Hilton Garden Inn Riyadh Al Muroj (4th Quarter, 2012)


  • Hilton Garden Inn Seville (3rd Quarter, 2012)


  • Hilton Garden Inn Davos (4th Quarter, 2012)


Sources: http://www.hgimediacenter.com/index.cfm/newsroom/detail/4041

Hotel News Now (March 27, 2012) – HGI Refresh will be complete in 2013

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  1. Hmmm… Are we sure there is not a “0” missing from the cost of a makeover? $75k doesn’t buy you a lot. The average cost to re-image a McDonald’s restaurant last year was $500k.

  2. Trying to get people to do more socializing in the lobby…sounds like a hostel. Though the hostels are usually a lot cheaper and have friendlier folks. Not as nice of accommodations though. It’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.

  3. A new lobby driving higher room rates? Not with my money. they want to charge me more, they need to refresh the rooms, not the lobby.

    I like HGI, nice suburban hotels, but if the rates become uncompetetive, I’ll switch.

  4. @Ken – the $75,000 figure was based on an owner with several Hilton Garden Inns. Perhaps the cost was lower due to number of hotels?

    @Charles Clark – I think Starwood’s Aloft concept is the one brand where I see the lobby design as totally conducive for socializing.

    @JNinCA – design to drive food and beverage purchases is a common theme in the upper midscale hotel segment. There is a whole lot of research driving the changes, but like you, I see a rate ceiling on these midscale hotels where consumers will start to balk at the high rates.

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