Choice Privileges: Booking High Value Reward Nights in Europe

Choice Privileges points are valued at $8 per 1,000 points by This post shows redemption value at Choice Hotels in Europe exceeding $40 per 1,000 points for center city hotels in places like Paris and London where many hotels offer reward nights for 8,000 points.

Currently Choice Privileges has a promotion for 8,000 points after two stays from March 8 to May 8, 2012. Here is my Loyalty Traveler post from March 7 on the promotion. The vast majority of the 6,000+ Choice Hotels in 11 hotel brands are located in the USA. Most of the hotels in the USA offering reward nights at the two lowest levels of 6,000 and 8,000 points are economy segment hotels with rates under $75 per night.

One of the interesting aspects of Choice Privileges is the opportunity for reward nights at hundreds of international hotels in Clarion, Comfort Inn and Quality Inn brands for 8,000 points per night. Some of these hotels have published rates at US$250 or more per night.

Paris, France and a night in the Opera.

Reward night cost and season dates can be checked easily on the website. You do not even need to be signed in as a member.


You must be signed in as a Choice Privileges member to actually see room availability. A general US member can redeem points for hotels in Hawaii and international locations outside the US and Canada up to 60 days before arrival.

There are 46 hotels in the 50 mile vicinity around Paris. Many of these hotels are Paris city center hotels.


Clarion Collection Hotel Opera Pavillon reward night options offer a choice of two room types.


Superior room at Clarion Hotel Opera Pavillon has higher published rate than standard room with double bed.



250EUR = USD$333

$333/8,000 points = $41.62 per 1,000 Choice Privileges points.

This is a small boutique hotel with 30 rooms. And even has room service.

Clarion Collection Opera Pavillon hotel in Paris, France

Located in a picturesque 19th century building, Clarion Collection® Opera Pavillon hotel is ideally situated in the very heart of a lively area and many points of interest are easy to reach by public transportation.

This Paris, France hotel is minutes from world-famous landmarks and attractions, including the Moulin Rouge cabaret, L’opera Garnier concert hall, Place du Tertre landmark, the Federation Francaise de Rugby headquarters, La Defense business district and the charming village of Montmartre.

Guests of this Paris hotel can enjoy amenities and features like:

  • Free full breakfast
  • Free wireless high-speed Internet access
  • Free weekday newspaper
  • Free coffee
  • Pet-friendly hotel; fees apply

In addition to standard amenities, all guest rooms are air conditionedand offer features like spacious work desks and cable television.

Join us in the lobby for afternoon tea or a lively cocktail hour. Laundry facilities are located on the premises.

The City of Lights has so much to offer and while you are in town, there is no better place to stay than the Clarion Collection Opera Pavillon hotel. We have countless features and a welcoming staff. Make a reservation with us today.

The reason I am including so much detail on this hotel is to illustrate the low reward night option at 8,000 points is an incredible deal for this specific hotel compared to the typical value you might place on an 8,000 points reward night for a Choice Privileges hotel in the USA.

TripAdvisor gives the Clarion Collection Hotel Opera Pavillon hotel a decent 4-star rating and reviews.


This hotel has higher published rates than most hotels you will find at 8,000 points since it is in central Paris. High value hotels in major cities and some resorts for 8,000 points in low season dates for Choice Privileges are not difficult to find (except for the fact that I keep getting timed out of my Choice Privileges account every few minutes while researching and writing this article). There are 8,000 points hotel bargains in many locations around Europe and other international regions. I am specifically showing Paris and London in this post since these are two of the most popular travel destinations for Americans.

London before the Olympic Games 2012 summer rush

Even London has hotels for 8,000 points per night over the next two months.


Quality Crown Hotel Hyde Park London is one of six available Choice Privileges hotels within 2.5 miles of city center London with reward nights at 8,000 points.

There is a choice of several room types available.


The first Double Bed option states “small room.”  Good reason to go for last Double Bed option. The published Best Flexible Rate is 199 GBP after tax.

199GBP = USD$317.

Choice Privileges Redemption Value $317/8,000 points = $39.63 per 1,000 points.

Choice Privileges points are valued at $8 per 1,000 points by

There are some high value opportunities for Choice Privileges reward nights in international locations.

Current Choice Privileges promotion from March 8 to May 8 offers 8,000 points after two hotel stays. Choice Privileges Promotion registration link. Members can earn unlimited free nights during this promotion.

Two qualifying stays for 8,000 points can be completed for $120 to $140 total in many locations across the USA. Stay cheap now and vacation later on the cheap in Europe using Choice Privileges.

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  1. Ric, this was exactly why my wife and I bought Choice points last year in the Discover America promo, but we have yet to use the points in Europe. Wish we had more time to redeem our airline miles and hotel points… The only thing negative about Choice points is that they expire at the end of the 3rd calendar year from the date points are earned (2+ years of validity), with no exceptions!

  2. You can also currently buy 8,000 Choice points for $88. They are giving a 10% bonus as well. It’s limited to 10,000 points per transaction and 20,000 points per year (2 transactions) So for $176 you would get 22k points…2k points shy of 3 nights in Paris. Ric…how is Choice with status matching?

  3. @Jimmy (or anyone else) How much were the points last year (since the Discover America promo is about to start again this year – Apr 9 w/Apr 2 preview)?

    @TheDealMommy I have an upcoming trip to France and Spain, too; fyi, there are no choice hotels in Spain. Also, book soon, the Paris hotels are going fast. Bon voyage!

    Thanks for the great posts, Ric!

  4. @J – Here is my post from April 19, 2011 on the DiscoverAmerica Choice Privileges sale.

    April 19, 2011:
    32,000 Choice Privileges points for $134 (385 sets).
    36,000 Choice Privileges points for $156 (480 sets).
    40,000 Choice Privileges points for $166 (150 sets).

    Price reduced 10% if payment with any American Express card.

    There were still sets of 36,000 points for sale after 7.5 hours. You could only buy 2 sets from each package.
    A person could have bought 216,000 points for $870.80.

    That could be 26 hotel nights in Europe at $33.50 per night.

  5. Excellent, Ric; thank you very much for the link, info, and all of the great info from the other post and its links (previous posts). Much appreciated.

    @Sky: I was recently matched to cp plat from pc/ihg plat

  6. Comfort Inn & Suites Choice Hotels Nanuet New York

    Took my family and our friendly beagle dog to Comfort Inn & Suites Nanuet N.Y. location. Turned out to be a horror story shortly after. Wasn’t there for more than 4 hours when my dog was mauled by 2 American Terrier Pit bulls in the back returning from walking dog in the dark in the back . Thank God the area has a wonderful Hospital called Valley Cottage Hospital . Family dog required life-saving surgery and stitches to close some gruesome wounds caused by these 2 attack dogs. My helpless beagle almost killed, was saved by the doctor at this hospital. This Hotel is anything but pet friendly. Another room had a German Sheppard going nuts against the glass. Wonder which room had the lions tigers and bears. A nice pleasant getaway idea turned out to be a nightmare. The Manager yelled at me because I dared to ask for help. I was mortified and embarrassed by his treatment towards me being as well as being in shock at the time due to this incident. Manager was most unprofessional, screaming out in lobby it was my fault. Hotel is not a secure place to bring your loving pet or humans since Hotel apparently never trained management properly in dealing with crisis of this magnitude.

    I would not recommend this place for anything more than directions to another Hotel in the area. They wont even pay the life saving medical treatment medical bills for my dog nor return the points I saved up. Keep in mind people do go there who don’t have pets. Their lives are in jeopardy when you don’t screen the animals you accept or limit type of breeds you allow.

    If you look up American Terrier which I did when I came home you will see these animals are by design breaded to fight. What parent allows small children to pet an American Terrier or German Sheppard without fear of being mauled? If you have children be careful the back doors aren’t secure and can be opened by accident from the outside as well as not closed properly to begin with. The lighting at night is almost non existent. No room numbers to indicate which room it is. All factors when making a decision which hotel has the consumers best interest in mind.

    To wrap up this disaster Hotel says its pet friendly and since they don’t care what kind of animals they take in I would agree . However that’s makes it no human friendly. Be on your guard at all times because you never know when a dog or multiple dogs will escape and try to maul your dog, an adult or unfortunately one of your precious children. To add insult to injury they wont accept financial responsibility for their negligence. Remember dogs are like people and sometimes react differently under fear .

    There is an expression , caveat emptor means buyer beware. It most certainly applies to this Hotel.

    Good Luck

  7. THANK YOU for this post! I just saved a TON of money by transferring 6K Amex to Choice (with the 25% rebate) … 6K Amex to 8K choice to save $250 for a London hotel!

  8. It seems they changed required points to redeem Clarion Collection Hotel Opera Pavillon. Now it’s 25000 even from April to Jun. Moreover, there are much fewer hotels available to redeem compared with what I remember on month ago.

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