IHG Priority Club Q-2 stay bonuses

Priority Club Rewards, the loyalty program for the InterContinental Hotels Group, offers targeted bonus point offers for guests who stay a specific number of nights or stays during the calendar quarter from April 1 to June 30, 2012. 

  • 3 nights = 5,000 bonus points = code 1385.
  • 7 nights = 10,000 bonus points = code 1387.
  • 15 nights = 15,000 bonus points = code 1391.

You register for the promotion using this Priority Club link and enter the code for the promotion you want. Important to note that you can only register one code. Think about your travel plans carefully to pick a nights target within reach.

The three codes listed above are the promotion codes requiring fewest nights for that bonus points level.

Here are other Priority Club codes for “nights” bonus point offers posted on FlyerTalk:

  • 4 nights = 5,000 bonus points = code 1386.
  • 8 nights = 10,000 bonus points = code 1388.
  • 10 nights = 10,000 bonus points = code 1389.
  • 12 nights = 10,000 bonus points = code 1390.
  • 15 nights = 15,000 bonus points = code 1391.
  • 18 nights = 15,000 bonus points = code 1392.


1 Night = 1 Stay, unless you stay more than one night.

There are also some targeted stay codes posted on FlyerTalk this week.

  • 3 stays = 5,000 bonus points = code 1393.
  • 4 stays = 5,000 bonus points = code 1394.
  • 6 stays = 10,000 bonus points = code 1395.
  • 8 stays = 10,000 bonus points = code 1396.
  • 10 stays = 15,000 bonus points = code 1397.

Who is the Priority Club target member for these bonuses?

I don’t recall ever personally receiving one of these Priority Club Rewards emails with a promotion code for bonus points after a certain number of nights or stays.

I am an IHG Priority Club Rewards Platinum member. I always register for one of these offers using the codes posted on various sites.  Generally I sign up for the easiest promotion to earn like 5,000 points for 3 nights. These bonuses usually show up in my account promotions list. My offer status shows I registered the past two quarters.

I see as of today, March 16, I have 15 nights left to earn the Q-1 bonus after 3 nights by March 31 for 5,000 bonus points. This has been a slow travel quarter for me. Next quarter ramps up hotel stays greatly. I might want to try Code 1387 for Q-2.

2011 Q-4 I was signed up for 10,000 points after 8 nights. I didn’t earn that bonus either.


You can check the Priority Club promotions you are registered for by clicking “My Offer Status” on the left side of the page after you login to Priority Club Rewards.


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