Marriott Rewards Category 5-8 Hotels Moving Up on March 15, 2012 (132 hotels)

Here is the list of Marriott brand hotels moving up one category to Category 6, 7 and 8 on March 15, 2012 and organized geographically. The basic trend is easy to see with major international cities around the globe rising one category level for high-end Marriott brand hotels. In the USA the major cities and resort locations see rises.

Florida, Hawaii, Boston, Chicago and New Orleans are locations to see numerous properties rising in hotel reward category. London, Amsterdam and Paris have multiple hotels rising. Hotel rewards will increase the points needed for hotels in these cities.

The fact that 132 hotels rise to be in category 6-8 leaves the majority of upward changes in Marriott Rewards, nearly 400 hotels, rising one level from their current category 1-4 level. I will post those changes by geographic location in separate posts.

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  1. 73 hotels moving from Cat 5 to 6 while one going from Cat 6 to 5. Makes the Marriot Rewards Premier Visa retention bonus (free cat 1 to 5 award night) worth less. Maybe the retention bonus should be free cat 1 to 5 award or free cat 6 + 5K points, cat 7 + 10K points, or cat 8 + 15K points to make it more useful.

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