Atlantis Resort Aquaventure Water Park, Bahamas

Reggae music blaring from loudspeakers was a constant sound during the 9am to 5pm hours at Atlantis Resort pools. The music I heard from my room in Royal Towers came from the Grotto Pool at the Atlantis Resort Aquaventure water park. Slides, pools, water rides and cafes fill the 141-acre park beside the Atlantis Royal Towers.

Atlantis Resort Aquaventure rides are complimentary for guests at Atlantis hotels. Thousands of people visit Nassau everyday on cruise ships and a limited number of day passes are available at rates around $120/adult and $80 for children up to 12 years.

Nassau Day 3 068

The Grotto Pool is one of perhaps four pools that featured a live dj playing reggae tunes with upbeat rhythms and frequent Bob Marley oldies blasting out across the resort.

Bahamas Day 2 064

This balcony sits between the two towers of Royal Towers and stairways lead to the Royal Pool.

Bahamas Day 4 017

Pools off to the sides were filled with stingrays.

Here is the same walkway viewed from my room balcony.

Bahamas Day 4 014

Staff were continually at work maintaining the pool marine life exhibits.

Bahamas Day 4 015

Bahamas Day 4 050

Bahamas Day 5 162

The Royal Pool.

Nassau Day 3 077


The Mayan Temple caught my attention where I could see the sharks swimming in the pool at night from my room balcony. One of my best memories of being at Atlantis was sitting out on the balcony in the warm breeze in the quiet hours after midnight watching the animals swim in the lighted pools.

Nassau Day 3 081

Nassau Day 3 082

View of Royal Towers standing at the shark pool of the Mayan Temple. A slide tube runs through the pool and riders emerge out in another pool below.

Teenagers, children and adults were loving the water slides of the Mayan Temple.

Nassau Day 3 094

This photo was taken just after 5pm when the Aquaventure pools and most other pools around Atlantis closed during the week of my stay. I have read the hours are extended in spring and summer.

Bahamas Day 4 022

A children’s water big toy is near the Mayan Temple.

Nassau Day 3 098

This water feature was wild with little kids during the day with screaming children and exhausted looking parents.

There are snack bars around the pools with burgers, sandwiches, drinks and ice cream.

Sample snack bar prices:

  • French Fries $3.75
  • Ice Cream $7.00
  • Hot Dog $6.50
  • Hamburger $8.50
  • Pesto pasta salad $10.00
  • Roast beef sandwich $13.00
  • Drinks ? – prices were not listed on menu in my photo.

Power Tower is one of the other slide features at Aquaventure.

Bahamas Day 4 026

There are a lot of stairs to walk for these slide rides.

Bahamas Day 4 027

Mayan Temple and Power Tower each list four types of slides.

Lazy River Ride and The Current were two rides where an intertube carries you around the park. Two person intertubes are required for smaller children who must be accompanied by an adult.


Bahamas Day 4 034

Nassau Day 3 090

One of the safety features I liked was the presence of numerous lifeguards and spotters around the rides.

Bahamas Day 4 035

Mayan Temple Pools leading to the Grotto Pool.

Bahamas Day 4 036

The Grotto Pool.

The large Paradise Lagoon was another area of Atlantis with water activities.

Bahamas Day 5 158

Bahamas Day 4 044

These are the Coral Towers hotel buildings in background. The Lagoon Bar & Grill is the shell covered feature. Beneath the Lagoon Bar & Grill are many of the aquarium exhibits at Atlantis including the clear underwater tunnel.

My next post on Atlantis Resort Paradise Island will describe some of the marine life exhibits around Atlantis.

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  1. I would like to remind you of the poor conditions on the plaster in all pools at atlantis. We were there about one month before you and while we did have a good time, I hurt my toes twice on broken, chipped and missing plaster in the pools.

  2. You know, it always amazes me how tourists (mainly American tourists!) would go to the Bahamas and complain about the quality, services, everything under the sun, and then they would go to a vacation spot right here in the U.S. that doesn’t even come close to a place like Atlantis, and complain. My suggestion–before you go to Paradise, save up, so you can have a good time without having to worry about every penny!
    It’s better in the Bahamas!
    A proud Bahamian in Atlanta, Ga.

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