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Sheraton Club Lounge rooms earn 1,000 bonus points paying with AmEx Feb 21-May 31, 2012

Sheraton has a special offer for 1,000 Starpoints when you book a Club Lounge room for stays from February 21 through May 31 and pay with any American Express card.

This deal is not geared for SPG Platinum members who will likely have access to the Club Lounge anyway without booking a higher rate room.


Bookings made online at or through Starwood’s Customer Contact Centers are eligible. If booking online, look for rate plans DAILYFS or SICLUB to auto-populate. If booking through the Customer Contact Centers, please ask for Promotion Code CL1.

Deal Analysis

Be sure to check other available rates. Gary Leff looked at this deal for the Sheraton Seattle and concluded it was a decent offer.

I looked at the deal for the same hotel for a midweek stay in April (Gary did not give a date and I used Tuesday, April 10).

Gary’s sample booking showed $10 more for a prepaid, nonrefundable Club Room ($215) compared to a prepaid, nonrefundable standard room ($205).

Refundable Sheraton Club rooms priced out at $249.

Sheraton Seattle April 10, 2012

The date I checked showed a higher Club Lounge room rate of $225 nonrefundable or $269 refundable. These rates correlate to the rates Gary found, but are $20 higher for this specific date.

What caught my eye though for the Sheraton Seattle is the small room size of 234 sq. ft. That is an oversized closet in my opinion. A guest will want the lounge for some room to stretch.

This same Club Lounge room is available on a refundable AAA or AARP/senior rate for $228.65 with day before arrival cancellation.

Sheraton Seattle Club Lounge rates

The 1,000 points American Express offer is a good deal at $225 if you are willing to risk a nonrefundable rate compared to $228.65 for a refundable group rate without 1,000 points.

Size Matters to Me

I have been in the Sheraton Seattle rooms and they are nicely furnished, however, any room under 300 square feet feels claustrophobic to me.

Portland-Seattle 031

Sheraton Seattle standard room.

Portland-Seattle 033

There were no large rooms available for Sheraton Seattle using AAA rates, yet the AARP/senior rate did have Deluxe room availability. AARP membership is available to anyone 50 years of age or older.

The oversized corner room is 433 sq. ft. or nearly double the size of the standard room at the Sheraton Seattle.

Sheraton Seattle Deluxe Room

As a SPG Platinum member eligible for AARP rates, I would splurge on a larger room knowing that I have Club Lounge access anyway.

Sheraton Universal City

Another hotel I looked at for rate comparisons has an even more compelling AAA rate offer compared to the 1,000 bonus points Club Lounge rate.

Executive Suite 600 sq ft. is $289 using the Club Lounge special offer rate for 1,000 bonus points. The rate is $249 for a Club Lounge standard room size at 325 sq. ft.

Sheraton Universal Club Lounge rate

Sheraton Universal suites

Club Lounge Special Offer Rates eligible for 1,000 AmEx bonus points.

AAA rates reduce the cost of the Club Lounge rooms from $249 to $212 for a standard room savings of $37. The 600 sq. ft. Executive Suite includes Club Lounge access on a AAA rate of $246 per night for a savings of $43 + tax .

I would pass on 1,000 bonus Starpoints to save $40 or $50 for the same room using a group rate type like AAA or senior rates.

Sheraton Universal AAA rates

Sheraton Universal City AAA rates.

The American Express payment for a Sheraton Club Lounge room might be a good deal for your stay depending on the hotel and dates.

Just be sure to check other available rates to avoid paying more than you need and more than the 1,000 bonus Starpoints are worth with this deal.


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