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Photo: Rest Day on Paradise Island

Ocean Club, Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas


  • Angelina A February 18, 2012

    Looks fantastic! I’d kill to be there right now 🙂 enjoy!

  • Jenny February 18, 2012

    That is peaceful and gorgeous!

  • Ric Garrido February 20, 2012

    @angelina and @Jenny – Ocean Club is so incredibly peaceful after three days at the Atlatis resort complex where there were thousands of people wandering around at this same time of day.

    Atlantis keeps dj music blaring at the pools throughout the daytime 9-5 pool hours.

    The birds and surf were the primary noise at Ocean Club.

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  • Sarah Hill July 9, 2012

    That looks peaceful! I’m earning my hospitality degree right now at Kendall College and I told my professor I have 2 requirements for the resorts I’ll manage: the beach and hammocks! 🙂

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