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Dispatch from Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas

The major news item dispatch from Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas for Loyalty Traveler readers from day one of the Carlson Rezidor Global Business Conference 2012 was an announcement that the hotel group just signed a deal with US Bank to issue a Club Carlson Visa credit card. I have no details on earn rates for the credit card and the launch date was not announced, although I was told it may be available Q4 2012.

Most other aspects of Atlantis Resort are impressive. This place definitely is impressive as a full service resort. More posts with conference details and a review of Atlantis Resort will come later when I have a stable internet connection.

The Royal Towers at Atlantis

Nassau Day 3 061

The Royal Towers is the iconic Atlantis hotel structure with the central arch. This photo gives the appearance of being one long building. The far right is actually a separate Atlantis hotel building called the Cove and is located a few hundred yards northwest of Royal Towers.

Nassau Day 3 067

View from my room in Royal Towers Atlantis.

Nassau Day 3 068

Another view from the room.


Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group

The Carlson Hotel Group and Rezidor Hotel Group (EMEA – Europe, Middle East, Africa region hotels) was officially renamed as Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group January 18, 2012.

Bahamas Day 2 089

Junkanoo – A party Bahamian style

The Royal Deck opening night party outdoors included some noise makers on the tables. Later in the evening their purpose was revealed when the Junkanoo paraded through the evening party crowd.

Bahamas Day 2 093

This is a traditional Bahamian celebration that takes place at 1am on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas and also on New Year’s Day where extravagant costumes and music play out on the streets of Nassau.

In the walkway to the west tower of the Royal Towers is the Dec 26. 2011 costume winner ‘Atlantis Rising’ from the Shell Saxons Superstars Junkanoo Group.

Nassau Day 3 005

“Atlantis Rising”

The Water of Winter

This is the fourth time I have been to a Caribbean island. This is the first time I have visited in winter and the ocean is not like the warm bath water temperature I experienced in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and US Virgin Islands in summer months. The ocean temperature is certainly tolerable and probably as warm or warmer than swimming at the beach in Southern California in summer.

On the flip side though, the air temperature is ideal for me at 65 to 75 degrees and low humidity. I have been sleeping with the patio door open and listening to the beach surf at night. The skies have been almost totally clear of clouds and the stars are lovely to watch from bed in the tranquil hours from midnight to dawn.

Blogger Disclosure

I am attending the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group Global Business Conference 2012 as a media guest. My hotel room at Atlantis and conference fee are provided complimentary by Carlson. I paid my own airfare to come to Nassau.

In between the schedule of events from 9am to 9pm meetings, meals and parties are a few precious moments of down time to relax. I haven’t turned on the TV since my arrival.

Nassau Day 3 110


  • chitownflyer February 16, 2012

    The resort looks beautiful. Ask them if you can see the room where they filmed Casino Royale.

  • The Weekly Flyer February 16, 2012

    That would be at the Ocean Club. They transformed the ‘library’ at the one and only into the casino. The ‘library’ is actually the best place to have an evening cocktail. Ask for Shameka, she’ll take care of you. There is a free shittle from the royal / coral towers.

  • Ric Garrido February 16, 2012

    I just watched Casino Royale last Saturday and I think my wife was disappointed when I said I would be at Pradise Island for a couple of days.

    Yesterday I was thinking to myself that the scene when James Bond arrives at the Nassau hotel on Paradise Island was probably filmed at the One and Only Resort since the hotel building entrances here didn’t appear to match. I’ll see if I can make my way over there before I leave.

  • gpapadop February 17, 2012

    Surprised you were invited after the raving review you did on that Radisson;-)

  • Ric Garrido February 17, 2012

    The Carlson Rezidor folks are truly nice people. Nobody mentioned the piece I wrote on the Radisson San Jose.

    I think I give them far more positive feedback than negative and I hope it is all constructive.

    Several managers thanked me for my assistance in promoting Club Carlson.

    I told them that it is their program that generates the praise from me.

    @The Weekly Flyer – I didn’t get a chance to name drop Shameka at One & Only. Security kicked me off the property for wandering around taking photos.

    I think I got about 100 photos and saw most of the facilities before being told to hike back to the road via the gardens. They wouldn’t even let me walk back to the beach which added an additional 20 minutes and trespassing through another complex to get back on the beach to head back to Atlantis.

    I have to say that I loved the property. I wish I could have stayed longer.

    On a positive note – they have security watching out for their guests.

  • The Weekly Flyer February 18, 2012

    I stayed last on a casino rate when the rates were in the $225 range. After the movie the rates shot up. We did see Brad, Angie and their kids in front of the private One & Only villa. We didn’t know they were there until we almost bumped into them on the beach. They had security everywhere that week.

    If you are not staying there you can still go eat at Dune restaurant. Has a great outside dining area right on the….Dune by the beach. Ricardo is the waiter to ask for at the restaurant.

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  • […] Dispatch from Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas (Feb 16, 2012) […]

  • Dianne Munch March 15, 2012

    Three of the people I was traveleing with “snuck” into a beach and enjoyed the facilities without paying. I am under the impression that this is a serious offense and they could have been arrested. They thought they could have lied their way out of it. What exactly is the penalty for tresspassing?

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