Choice Privileges $50 restaurant card for 3 night stay

Choice Privileges offers a $50 restaurant gift card for a stay of 3 consecutive nights or more at a Choice Hotel in one of six cities by March 15, 2012. You must book your hotel stay between January 26 and February 16 to be eligible for this offer.

There are around 200 participating Choice brand hotels in these six metropolitan areas and the promotion fine print states hotels within 50 miles of the city center participate in the promotion:

Restaurant Gift Card is valid for:

  • Red Lobster
  • Olive Garden
  • Longhorn Steakhouse
  • Bahama Breeze
  • The Capital Grille
  • Seasons 52

You must return this rebate form to earn your gift card.

Loyalty Traveler Analysis

The rebate form process is tedious and I don’t like promotions requiring mail-in rebates, but this $50 gift card offer is a great offer for someone already needing a 3-night hotel stay in one of these locations.

The restaurant gift card offer looks to be stackable with Choice Privileges main promotion for double points or points & miles for stays through February 29. You must register for the promotion to earn double points.

The restaurant gift card requires a 3-night stay and miles are per stay, so the higher value is likely to be earning double points.

This is a good deal for someone on a 3-night stay around one of these cities.

Assume $70 per night rate at a Comfort Inn on a 3-night stay.

$210 x 20 points/$1 (2x points promo) = 4,200 points + $50 restaurant gift certificate.

Choice Privileges has over 1,500 hotels where reward nights are 6,000 or 8,000 points. Choice Privileges points are valued at $8/1,000 points by NerdWallet.com based on the rate points are earned compared to redemption cost of Choice Hotels using Choice Privileges points in several cities. 4,200 points is about $32 rebate value.

$210 for 3 nights at a Comfort Inn earns a rebate around $82 or about 40% with 4,200 points and the $50 restaurant card.

This is a solid 3-star promotion offer from Choice Privileges in my calculations.

Choice Privileges restaurant gift card Q1-2012

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  1. Comfort Inn & Suites Choice Hotels Nanuet New York

    Took my family and our friendly beagle dog to Comfort Inn & Suites Nanuet N.Y. location. Turned out to be a horror story shortly after. Wasn’t there for more than 4 hours when my dog was mauled by 2 American Terrier Pit bulls in the back returning from walking dog in the dark in the back . Thank God the area has a wonderful Hospital called Valley Cottage Hospital . Family dog required life-saving surgery and stitches to close some gruesome wounds caused by these 2 attack dogs. My helpless beagle almost killed, was saved by the doctor at this hospital. This Hotel is anything but pet friendly. Another room had a German Sheppard going nuts against the glass. Wonder which room had the lions tigers and bears. A nice pleasant getaway idea turned out to be a nightmare. The Manager yelled at me because I dared to ask for help. I was mortified and embarrassed by his treatment towards me being as well as being in shock at the time due to this incident. Manager was most unprofessional, screaming out in lobby it was my fault. Hotel is not a secure place to bring your loving pet or humans since Hotel apparently never trained management properly in dealing with crisis of this magnitude.

    I would not recommend this place for anything more than directions to another Hotel in the area. They wont even pay the life saving medical treatment medical bills for my dog nor return the points I saved up. Keep in mind people do go there who don’t have pets. Their lives are in jeopardy when you don’t screen the animals you accept or limit type of breeds you allow.

    If you look up American Terrier which I did when I came home you will see these animals are by design breaded to fight. What parent allows small children to pet an American Terrier or German Sheppard without fear of being mauled? If you have children be careful the back doors aren’t secure and can be opened by accident from the outside as well as not closed properly to begin with. The lighting at night is almost non existent. No room numbers to indicate which room it is. All factors when making a decision which hotel has the consumers best interest in mind.

    To wrap up this disaster Hotel says its pet friendly and since they don’t care what kind of animals they take in I would agree . However that’s makes it no human friendly. Be on your guard at all times because you never know when a dog or multiple dogs will escape and try to maul your dog, an adult or unfortunately one of your precious children. To add insult to injury they wont accept financial responsibility for their negligence. Remember dogs are like people and sometimes react differently under fear .

    There is an expression , caveat emptor means buyer beware. It most certainly applies to this Hotel.

    Good Luck

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