Hilton HHonors Point Stretcher Rewards are Dead

R.I.P 2012 Hilton HHonors Point Stretcher Rewards.  The Point Stretcher 40% discount on standard rewards for HHonors room nights appears to have been officially discontinued although there is no published word on that fact from Hilton HHonors. The link for HHonors Point Stretcher Rewards simply states:

The are currently no Point Stretcher Reward options available. ” 

HHonors even looks like they outsourced the grammar for the webpage announcement.

The Point Stretcher thread on FlyerTalk had some discussion the past week on the lack of any hotel list update. Long-time FlyerTalk member Kempis reports this response from the HHonors Diamond agent:

With the recent launch of Points & Money Rewards the Point Stretcher rewards have been discontinued. Our new Points & Money Rewards option lets you get away faster than ever using fewer HHonors points.


Points & Money might actually be a more favorable reward opportunity as long as the Points & Money Rewards are expanded throughout the system. Point Stretcher Rewards were so restricted by date in most properties offering these rewards that their usefulness was limited.

Some of my best Hilton stays were on Point Stretcher Rewards in places like Rotterdam, Singapore and Budapest.

RIP HHonors Point Stretcher. I enjoyed staying with you.


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  1. Thank you for the update, good to know. Always wanted to use this option, never worked out for me with dates and hotels. I guess AXON awards and GLON awards are the best option for 4+ night stays now.



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