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Are HHonors Point Stretcher Rewards Returning in 2012?

The current batch of Point Stretcher dates shows no hotel rewards past December 2011. Hilton HHonors has a history of waiting until all the calendar dates have passed before posting new Point Stretcher dates. Last July Hilton HHonors even sent out a press release to announce Point Stretcher Rewards were back for second half 2011.

I have to wonder if there is really any point in Point Stretcher rewards anymore now HHonors offers Points & Money rewards. Point Stretcher rewards are discounted 40% from standard reward levels. Category 7 hotels at 50,000 points per night go for 30,000 points with a Point Stretcher.

Points & Money reward for a category 7 hotel will be 25,000 points + $85. Obviously Hilton HHonors Points & Money Rewards are a better deal for Hilton’s profit margin than Point Stretcher rewards.

Hilton HHonors current Points & Money Reward 30% rebate promotion for hotels booked by January 31, 2012 for stays through June 30, 2012 reduces the category 7 hotel reward from 25,000 points + $85 down to 17,500 points +$85. That is sort of a win-win for the HHonors member and Hilton Worldwide compared to a Point Stretcher reward that would be 30,000 points. The member gets the reward night for 12,500 fewer points in exchange for $85.

This post is basically speculative. What do you think? Will we see another batch of HHonors Point Stretcher rewards for January-June 2012?