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SPG Two free nights after 9 nights Asia/Pacific Nov 29-Mar 15, 2012

Starwood Preferred Guest has a promotion specific to Asia Pacific hotels for one free weekend night after staying 5 nights and a second free night after 9 nights from November 29, 2011 through March 15, 2012 when stay is paid with a MasterCard. The nights are cumulative during the promotion period so can be done in one hotel stay or nine hotel stays. Maximum two free nights may be earned per member.

The nice thing about a steady travel partner is doubling up on these bonuses. I can earn two free nights and my wife can earn two free nights and then redeem all free nights on a single hotel stay of four nights.

This offer is available to all SPG members globally and requires promotion registration.

SPG Members must register for this promotion at or by calling the nearest Customer Contact Center and saying “I want to register for 2 days of Happy!” requesting Registration Code “4MC” no later than March 15, 2012.

Twice as many hotels to earn free nights than burn free nights.

The particpating properties is an interesting aspect of the offer. There are about 220 Starwood Hotels in Asia Pacific for earning the free nights, but fewer than 90 hotels for redeeming the free nights. Granted that Four Points and Aloft may not be where you want to spend free nights when you can stay at the Westin Tokyo or Le Meriden Koh Samui Resort & Spa, but if you find yourself with a free night credit about to expire and the Four Points is the only thing around…

Redeeming Free Nights

Contact SPG customer service and mention Award ID 4MCFN.

  • Free night valid at participating hotels Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights
  • Redeemable between January 1, 2012 and April 10, 2012.
  • Free night may not be transferred to any other SPG member.

Participating Starwood Hotels for Redeeming Free Nights

  1. The Westin Sydney
  2. The Westin Melbourne
  3. The Westin Hefei Baohe
  4. The Westin Fuzhou Minjiang
  5. The Westin Xiamen – Opening Soon
  6. The Westin Pazhou
  7. The Westin Shenzhen Nanshan
  8. The Westin Wuhan Wuchang
  9. The Westin Nanjing
  10. The Westin Xian – Opening Soon
  11. The Westin Tianjin
  12. The Westin Ningbo – Opening Soon
  13. The Westin Nine Dragon Hill Resort, Zhejiang – Opening Soon
  14. The Westin Wenzhou – Opening Soon
  15. The Westin Gurgaon, New Delhi
  16. The Westin Mumbai Garden City
  17. The Westin Nagoya Castle
  18. The Westin Awaji Island Resort and Conference Center
  19. The Westin Miyako, Kyoto
  20. The Westin Sendai
  21. The Westin Osaka
  22. The Westin Tokyo
  23. The Westin Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok
  24. The Westin Siray Bay Resort & Spa, Phuket
  25. Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng Hotel
  26. Sheraton Chongqing Hotel
  27. Sheraton Guangzhou Hotel
  28. Sheraton Guangzhou Huadu Resort – Opening Soon
  29. Sheraton Bailuhu Resort, Huizhou – Opening Soon
  30. Sheraton Qingyuan Lion Lake Resort – Opening Soon
  31. Sheraton Zhongshan Hotel
  32. Sheraton Sanya Haitang Bay Resort – Opening Soon
  33. Sheraton Shenzhou Peninsula Resort
  34. Sheraton Daqing Hotel – Opening Soon
  35. Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers
  36. Sheraton Hohhot Hotel
  37. Sheraton Changzhou Wujin Hotel
  38. Sheraton Changzhou Xinbei Hotel – Opening Soon
  39. Sheraton Jiangyin Hotel
  40. Sheraton Wuxi Binhu Hotel
  41. Sheraton Zhenjiang Hotel
  42. Sheraton Jinzhou Hotel
  43. Sheraton Xian North City Hotel – Opening Soon
  44. Sheraton Yantai Golden Beach Resort – Opening Soon
  45. Sheraton Shanghai Hongkou Hotel
  46. Sheraton Tianjin Binhai Hotel
  47. Sheraton Hangzhou Wetland Park Resort – Opening Soon
  48. Sheraton Qiandao Lake Resort
  49. Sheraton Wenzhou Hotel
  50. Sheraton Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway
  51. Sheraton Udaipur Palace Resort & Spa
  52. Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel
  53. Sheraton Hiroshima Hotel
  54. Sheraton Sapporo Hotel
  55. Kobe Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers
  56. Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers
  57. Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort
  58. Sheraton Miyako Hotel, Osaka
  59. Sheraton Miyako Hotel, Tokyo
  60. Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel
  61. Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa
  62. Sheraton Towers Singapore
  63. Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel
  64. Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel, Taiwan
  65. Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers
  66. Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa
  67. Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort
  68. Sheraton Pattaya Resort
  69. Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers
  70. Sheraton Nha Trang Hotel & Spa
  71. W Retreat & Spa Bali – Seminyak
  72. W Taipei
  73. The St. Regis Shenzhen – Opening Soon
  74. The St. Regis Sanya Yalong Bay Resort
  75. The St. Regis Tianjin
  76. The St. Regis Lhasa Resort
  77. The St. Regis Osaka
  78. The St. Regis Bangkok
  79. Le Méridien Xiamen
  80. Le Royal Méridien Shanghai
  81. Le Méridien Coimbatore
  82. Le Méridien Taipei
  83. Le Méridien Bangkok
  84. Plaza Athénée Bangkok, A Royal Méridien Hotel
  85. Le Méridien Chiang Mai
  86. Le Méridien Chiang Rai Resort, Thailand
  87. Le Méridien Khao Lak Beach & Spa Resort
  88. Le Méridien Koh Samui Resort & Spa
  89. Le Méridien Phuket Beach Resort

Participating Starwood Hotels for earning free nights

  1. The Westin Resort, Guam
  2. The Westin Sydney
  3. The Westin Melbourne
  4. The Westin Dhaka
  5. The Westin Hefei Baohe
  6. The Westin Beijing Chaoyang
  7. The Westin Beijing Financial Street
  8. The Westin Fuzhou Minjiang
  9. The Westin Guangzhou
  10. The Westin Pazhou
  11. The Westin Shenzhen Nanshan
  12. The Westin Wuhan Wuchang
  13. The Westin Nanjing
  14. The Westin Resort, Macau
  15. The Westin Xian – Opening Soon
  16. The Westin Bund Center, Shanghai
  17. The Westin Tianjin
  18. The Westin Ningbo – Opening Soon
  19. The Westin Denarau Island Resort & Spa, Fiji
  20. The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace
  21. The Westin Gurgaon, New Delhi
  22. The Westin Sohna Resort & Spa
  23. The Westin Mumbai Garden City
  24. The Westin Pune Koregaon Park
  25. The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali
  26. The Westin Nagoya Castle
  27. The Westin Awaji Island Resort and Conference Center
  28. The Westin Miyako, Kyoto
  29. The Westin Sendai
  30. The Westin Osaka
  31. The Westin Tokyo
  32. The Westin Kuala Lumpur
  33. The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa
  34. The Westin Chosun, Busan
  35. The Westin Chosun, Seoul
  36. The Westin Taipei
  37. The Westin Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok
  38. The Westin Siray Bay Resort & Spa, Phuket
  39. Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort
  40. Sheraton on the Park
  41. Sheraton Mirage Resort and Spa Gold Coast
  42. Sheraton Noosa Resort & Spa
  43. Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas Resort
  44. Sheraton Beijing Dongcheng Hotel
  45. The Great Wall Sheraton Hotel Beijing
  46. Sheraton Chongqing Hotel
  47. Sheraton Xiamen Hotel
  48. Sheraton Dongguan Hotel
  49. Sheraton Shunde Hotel
  50. Sheraton Guangzhou Hotel
  51. Sheraton Guangzhou Huadu Resort – Opening Soon
  52. Sheraton Huizhou Beach Resort
  53. Sheraton Qingyuan Lion Lake Resort – Opening Soon
  54. Sheraton Dameisha Resort, Shenzhen
  55. Sheraton Shenzhen Futian Hotel
  56. Sheraton Zhongshan Hotel
  57. Sheraton Guilin Hotel
  58. Sheraton Guiyang Hotel
  59. Sheraton Haikou Resort
  60. Sheraton Sanya Resort
  61. Sheraton Shenzhou Peninsula Resort
  62. Sheraton Daqing Hotel – Opening Soon
  63. Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers
  64. Sheraton Changsha Hotel
  65. Sheraton Hohhot Hotel
  66. Sheraton Changzhou Wujin Hotel
  67. Sheraton Changzhou Xinbei Hotel – Opening Soon
  68. Sheraton Jiangyin Hotel
  69. Sheraton Nanjing Kingsley Hotel & Towers
  70. Sheraton Wuxi Binhu Hotel
  71. Sheraton Zhenjiang Hotel
  72. Sheraton Jinzhou Hotel
  73. Sheraton Shenyang Lido Hotel
  74. Sheraton Xian Hotel
  75. Sheraton Xian North City Hotel – Opening Soon
  76. Sheraton Jinan Hotel
  77. Sheraton Shanghai Hongkou Hotel
  78. Sheraton Shanghai Hongqiao Hotel
  79. Sheraton Shanghai Pudong Hotel & Residences
  80. Sheraton Chengdu Lido Hotel
  81. Sheraton Jiuzhaigou Resort
  82. Sheraton Tianjin Binhai Hotel
  83. Sheraton Tianjin Hotel
  84. Sheraton Urumqi Hotel
  85. Sheraton Hangzhou Wetland Park Resort – Opening Soon
  86. Sheraton Ningbo Hotel
  87. Sheraton Qiandao Lake Resort
  88. Sheraton Wenzhou Hotel
  89. Sheraton Zhoushan Hotel
  90. Sheraton Denarau Villas
  91. Sheraton Fiji Resort
  92. Sheraton Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway
  93. Sheraton New Delhi Hotel
  94. Sheraton Rajputana Palace Hotel, Jaipur
  95. Sheraton Udaipur Palace Resort & Spa
  96. Sheraton Park Hotel & Towers, Chennai
  97. Sheraton Surabaya Hotel & Towers
  98. Sheraton Bandara Hotel
  99. Sheraton Media Hotel & Towers
  100. Sheraton Lampung Hotel
  101. Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers
  102. Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort
  103. Sheraton Mustika Yogyakarta Resort and Spa
  104. Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel
  105. Sheraton Hiroshima Hotel
  106. Sheraton Sapporo Hotel
  107. Kobe Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers
  108. Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers
  109. Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort
  110. Sheraton Miyako Hotel, Osaka
  111. Sheraton Miyako Hotel, Tokyo
  112. Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel
  113. Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort
  114. Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa
  115. Sheraton Towers Singapore
  116. Sheraton Incheon Hotel
  117. Sheraton Grande Walkerhill
  118. Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel
  119. Sheraton Taipei Hotel
  120. Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel, Taiwan
  121. Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers
  122. Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa
  123. Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort
  124. Sheraton Pattaya Resort
  125. Sheraton Hanoi Hotel
  126. Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers
  127. Sheraton Nha Trang Hotel & Spa
  128. W Hong Kong
  129. W Retreat & Spa Bali – Seminyak
  130. W Retreat & Spa – Maldives
  131. W Seoul – Walkerhill
  132. W Taipei
  133. W Retreat Koh Samui
  134. The St. Regis Beijing
  135. The St. Regis Shenzhen – Opening Soon
  136. The St. Regis Sanya Yalong Bay Resort
  137. The St. Regis Shanghai
  138. The St. Regis Tianjin
  139. The St. Regis Lhasa Resort
  140. The St. Regis Bali Resort
  141. The St. Regis Osaka
  142. The St. Regis Singapore
  143. The St. Regis Bangkok
  144. Le Méridien Angkor
  145. Le Méridien Chongqing, Nan’an
  146. Le Méridien Xiamen
  147. Le Méridien Shimei Bay Beach Resort & Spa
  148. Le Méridien Cyberport
  149. Le Méridien Qingdao
  150. Le Méridien She Shan Shanghai
  151. Le Royal Méridien Shanghai
  152. Le Méridien Ahmedabad
  153. Le Méridien Bangalore
  154. Le Méridien Kochi
  155. Le Méridien Pune
  156. Le Méridien New Delhi
  157. Le Méridien Jaipur
  158. Le Royal Méridien Chennai
  159. Le Méridien Coimbatore
  160. Le Méridien Jakarta
  161. Le Méridien Kota Kinabalu
  162. Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur
  163. Le Méridien Ile des Pins
  164. Le Méridien Nouméa
  165. Le Méridien Taipei
  166. Le Méridien Bangkok
  167. Plaza Athénée Bangkok, A Royal Méridien Hotel
  168. Le Méridien Chiang Mai
  169. Le Méridien Chiang Rai Resort, Thailand
  170. Le Méridien Khao Lak Beach & Spa Resort
  171. Le Méridien Koh Samui Resort & Spa
  172. Le Méridien Phuket Beach Resort
  173. The Astor Hotel, Tianjin
  174. ITC Kakatiya, Hyderabad
  175. ITC Windsor, Bengaluru
  176. ITC Royal Gardenia, Bengaluru
  177. ITC Grand Central, Mumbai
  178. ITC Maratha, Mumbai
  179. ITC Maurya, New Delhi
  180. ITC Grand Chola, Chennai – Opening Soon
  181. ITC Mughal, Agra
  182. ITC Sonar, Kolkata
  183. The Laguna Resort & Spa, Nusa Dua, Bali
  184. The Andaman, Langkawi
  185. Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok
  186. The Naka Island, Phuket
  187. Four Points by Sheraton Sydney, Darling Harbour
  188. Four Points by Sheraton Geelong
  189. Four Points by Sheraton Beijing, Haidian Hotel and Serviced Apartments
  190. Four Points by Sheraton Guangzhou, Dongpu
  191. Four Points by Sheraton Shenzhen
  192. Four Points by Sheraton Shenzhou Peninsula Resort – Opening Soon
  193. Four Points by Sheraton Lianyungang
  194. Four Points by Sheraton Taicang
  195. Four Points by Sheraton Yangzhou, Hanjiang – Opening Soon
  196. Four Points by Sheraton Qingdao, Chengyang
  197. Four Points by Sheraton Tai’an
  198. Four Points by Sheraton Shanghai, Daning
  199. Four Points by Sheraton Shanghai, Pudong
  200. Four Points by Sheraton Lhasa
  201. Four Points by Sheraton Hangzhou, Binjiang
  202. Four Points by Sheraton Visakhapatnam
  203. Four Points by Sheraton Navi Mumbai, Vashi
  204. Four Points by Sheraton Pune, Nagar Road
  205. Four Points by Sheraton Jaipur, City Square
  206. Four Points by Sheraton Kuching
  207. Four Points by Sheraton Langkawi Resort
  208. Four Points by Sheraton Chung Ho, Taipei
  209. Four Points by Sheraton Bangkok, Sukhumvit 15
  210. Aloft Beijing, Haidian
  211. Aloft Nanhai, Foshan
  212. Aloft Zhengzhou Shangjie
  213. Aloft Haiyang
  214. Aloft Bengaluru Whitefield
  215. Aloft Chennai, OMR – IT Expressway
  216. Aloft Coimbatore Singanallur
  217. Aloft Bangkok – Sukhumvit 11 – Opening Soon

Loyalty Traveler analysis:

This is a good value promotion offer if you have a MasterCard and find yourself in Asia Pacific. Many of these hotels for earning free nights have daily rates under $75 per night meaning the cost of earning two free nights could be under US$700. And if you are ultimately being reimbursed and not paying the hotel bill then price is not so important. Nine nights over the course of 14 weeks should be an easy bonus to earn.

Redemption properties include only two category 6 hotels with the W Retreat & Spa Bali, Seminyak and Westin Tokyo.

Assorted Category 5 hotels like Westin Sydney and Westin Melbourne in Australia and St. Regis Lhasa, Nepal or St. Regis Sanya Yalong Bay Resort are redemption options. Thailand has seven Le Meridien hotels and resorts. Most of the hotel redemption choices for free nights are SPG category-4 properties. You can value these free nights at 10,000 points per night and “good for you” if you redeem for a higher hotel. This offer looks to be the equivalent of earning 2,000 bonus SPG points for every eligible night. Keep that in mind when you are comparing rates and other promotion offers.

Of course we can all try and redeem at the W Retreat Bali.

SPG-MasterCard Two Days of Happy Earn Nov 29-March 15 / Burn Jan 1-April 10, 2012


  • Mi Yang December 2, 2011

    Westin Tokyo which is a cat 6 hotel is also on the redemption list

  • Ric Garrido December 3, 2011

    @ Mi Yang – Thanks for the addition to the category 6 hotels. I quickly compared the lists and missed that hotel. Westin Tokyo will be added to the main post.

  • Kalboz December 3, 2011

    Was wondering if you have done any calculations as to which one is better for a SPG Plat: Using the SPG AMEX for the stays and get the bonus points, or under this offer for up to 2 weekend free nights after 9 paid nights using MC?

    Thank you!

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  • […] ***** Starwood Preferred Guest – November 29- March 15, 2012 – Two free nights at participating Asia Pacific hotels after 9 nights in Asia Pacific hotels from November 29- March 15, 2012 when stays are paid with a MasterCard. One free night after 5 nights. Maximum 2 free nights. Loyalty Traveler post December 2, 2011. […]

  • […] ***** Starwood Preferred Guest – November 29- March 15, 2012 – Two free nights at participating Asia Pacific hotels after 9 nights in Asia Pacific hotels from November 29- March 15, 2012 when stays are paid with a MasterCard. One free night after 5 nights. Maximum 2 free nights. Loyalty Traveler post December 2, 2011. […]

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