Best Western 2,000 bonus points per night by Jan 31, 2012

Best Western has launched its winter offer for 2,000 bonus points per night, up to four nights for a maximum 8,000 bonus points on stays in the U.S. and Canada through January 31, 2012. Promotion registration required before first stay. Use the link to register online or call Best Western Rewards 1-800-237-8483 and request enrollment in WINTER12 promotion.

Loyalty Traveler Analysis

Best Western is a useful hotel loyalty program to maintain an account balance. The value of Best Western is the large number of hotels around the U.S. and globally in places where you may not find many other familiar names. Best Western has over 4,000 hotels and nearly half of those hotels are outside the USA. That surpasses just about every other major hotel chain, except Accor A|Club and remove France from that list and Best Western has the most hotels internationally for US/Canada travelers.

One time in Guayaquil, Ecuador I needed a hotel and the Hilton was priced in the $200 range. I looked at the airport terminal hotel listings and saw Best Western and landed a $35 rate in downtown. I ate a steak dinner at the hotel restaurant with beer for US$5. The hotel guard escorted me to the taxi early the next morning packing some ballistic heat.

Best Western promotions are typically not big points earners. This promotion offer looks good for Best Western Rewards.

My main complaint about Best Western Rewards is there is no easy way, at least not that I know, to see what hotels are in the different reward categories. I wish their website would create a list of hotels in each reward category for member ease in locating hotel reward options.

8,000 points is the lowest category reward night for Best Western hotels. I’d love to be able to see a list of which hotels I can redeem 8,000 points for a free night. Hotel reward nights go up in 4,000 point increments to 36,000 points per night. Most hotels around my part of California are in the 16,000 to 28,000 points range.

Best Western hotel stays earn points at the the rate of 10 points/$1.

Assume you stay 4 nights at $75 per night. $300 in hotel spend earns 3,000 points + 8,000 bonus points. At 12,000 points you will see more hotels for reward nights. Best Western offers easy status match for elites from other hotel programs to boost your points earning potential.

Best Western WINTER12 Promotion for 8,000 bonus points after 4 nights by Jan 31, 2012.

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  1. These are the Hotels i found in USA for 8,000 BW Rewards

    Best Western Rocky Mount Inn – Rocky Mount, NC
    Best Western Regency Motor Inn – Marion, AR
    Best Western Garden Inn & Suites – Cartersville, GA


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