Radisson 50,000 Points Promotion Revisited and Clarified Nov 10 – Dec 30, 2011

Club Carlson, the hotel loyalty program for Carlson Hotels, celebrates the opening of the Radisson Blu Aqua, Chicago with a generous promotion called the Radisson Big Night Giveaway.

The first 50,000 Club Carlson members to register for the Radisson Big Night Giveaway promotion after the registration page goes live after 12 midnight, Thursday November 10 eastern time (9:00pm Pacific time Wednesday, Nov 9) will be eligible to earn a 50,000 Gold Points bonus after a single stay at any Radisson Hotel in the U.S., Canada or the Caribbean from November 10 through December 30, 2011.

The good news about the Radisson Big Night Giveaway promotion.

My Loyalty Traveler post last week prompted a conference call meeting with Carlson Hotels managers to clarify the terms of this offer and I will share what I learned today. Here are the bulleted points on promotion questions I saw raised on Loyalty Traveler blog, FlyerTalk and MilePoint since this Radisson Big Night Giveaway offer came out five days ago.

Some of these terms are changes from what was released in the original Radisson Big Night Giveaway Countdown page T&C. Perhaps my critique of the promotion had a positive effect for some Club Carlson members.

  • Club Carlson members must register for this promotion beginning Thursday, November 10 at midnight Eastern time zone. That means registration is available beginning at 9pm Wednesday, November 9 in the Pacific Time Zone.
  • All Club Carlson Concierge elite level members are pre-registered for the 50,000 bonus Gold Points offer and do not count as part of the first 50,000 registrants eligible for 50,000 bonus Gold points after one Radisson Hotel stay anytime during the promotion period.


  • Radisson Big Night Giveaway promotion is open to all Club Carlson members globally.


  • First 50,000 Club Carlson members to register will know they are in the first 50,000 registrants when they see the landing page for the promotion showing 50,000 points offer. After first 50,000 Club Carlson members have registered the promotion landing page will change to show the member is eligible for 15,000 points.


  • After you have registered for the 50,000 points offer, then you just need to stay once at a Radisson Hotel in the US, Canada or the Caribbean anytime during the promotion period from November 10 to December 30, 2011 to earn 50,000 bonus Gold Points.


  • Existing reservations at a Radisson Hotel in the U.S., Canada or Caribbean before promotion registration will be eligible for the 50,000 bonus points. This is a change from the original promotion wording which stated “The Big Night Giveaway Promotion (“Promotion”) is available only to Club CarlsonSM members for new reservations.” The promotion was designed to encourage new bookings, however, I was told that the promotion bonus will apply to existing Radisson bookings as long as the Club Carlson member registers for the promotion prior to the stay, is one of the first 50,000 registrants for the 50,000 points offer, and the stay falls during the Nov 10-Dec 30, 2011 promotion period.


  • Any rate that earns Gold Points will be eligible for the promotion bonus. This means Advance Purchase, AAA, Senior, package rates (breakfast, parking etc.) and any other rate that normally earns Gold Points qualifies for the promotion bonus. (This is another change from the original promotion wording.)
  • Update November 10: Club Carlson Cash & Points rates count as an eligible stay for this promotion as stated on FlyerTalk by Radisson Hotels & Resorts Representative.


  • Carlson Friends & Family rate is not an eligible rate for bonus points since it is not a Gold Points earning rate.


  • The Big Night Giveaway bonus is not applicable if you choose to earn miles for your Radisson Hotel stay. You must choose to earn Gold Points for your hotel stay to earn the promotion bonus.


  • To clarify – this offer is for a stay at any Radisson hotel in the U.S., Canada or Caribbean. There is some degree of public relations confusion common to Carlson Hotels in that many people think Radisson Hotels is the parent company of the hotel chain. Carlson Hotels is the parent hotel company and comprised of four hotel brands: Radisson/Radisson Blu, Park Inn, Country Inns & Suites and Park Plaza. Only a stay at a hotel in the Radisson brand qualifies for the bonus points offer.


Radisson Big Night Giveaway registration page goes live Thursday Nov 10 at midnight. That is Wednesday night 9pm, Nov 9 California time. The rest of you need to figure out your own time zone.


My apology to the people at Carlson Hotels and to Loyalty Traveler readers.

This Radisson Big Night Giveaway is a great offer from the Club Carlson hotel loyalty program. Club Carlson developed a truly high value offer for members to promote the launch of Radisson Blu Aqua Chicago, their first Radisson Blu hotel and flagship property in the U.S.

And I rained on their grand opening celebration.

I kind of feel like a jerk for quickly writing a post last Wednesday where I criticized the promotion details and incorrectly analyzed parts of the Radisson Big Night Giveaway promotion for readers. I shoot off my blog mouth while sitting in my living room at home and create a corporate public relations hassle for Club Carlson.

I provided an example here on Loyalty Traveler of why some brands are leary of bloggers who can easily create a public relations issue.  Thankfully the people at Carlson Hotels responded to me quickly to clarify terms of this Radisson promotion offer. Two years ago I incorrectly analyzed Hilton HHonors hotel reward category changes and HHonors never bothered to reach out to me to clarify the issue. (Perhaps due to the fact that their HHonors changes were actually worse than I initially predicted they would be.)

This post should have been written last Thursday or Friday, but I was busy in Los Angeles at the Blog World Expo and unavailable to meet with the Carlson folks until this morning.


I know I will be on my computer when promotion registration opens up for this Radisson Big Night Giveaway on 9pm Wednesday night here in California.

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  1. Good job getting clarification and glad to hear about some improved terms. A Radisson stay may well be in my future now. 🙂

  2. So once you are told that you are among the first 50k, then you have till 12/30/2011 to stay at a Radisson brand hotel, right? Not that you have to be among the first to register AND stay at the hotel? Am I reading this correctly?

  3. @bsdstone – Must be a Radisson. Country Inn does not count for the Radisson Big Night Giveaway bonus.

    @Maury – Registration is the key to this 50,000 points promotion. Get registered November 10 and then you have anytime through December 30 to book and stay at a Radisson hotel in the US, Canada or Caribbean to earn the 50,000 bonus points.

  4. Ric, thanks for this very comprehensive rundown, a necessary step given Carlson’s heritage (including mismanagement of Amtrak Guest Rewards, which was subsequently brought in-house). I wish all promotions were this clearly described, and hope that some programs might hire you to perform this service for them – at top dollar of course.

  5. @Everett – Park Inn is a different Carlson Hotels brand than Radisson.

    50,000 points promotion is for a Radisson Hotel stay.

    15,000 points offer is for a stay at Park Inn.

    Club Carlson members can do both promotions, but it means two hotels stays. One at Radisson and one stay at a Park Inn in US, Canada, Caribbean.

    Advance Purchase rates are eligible for promotion bonus points.

    @Aarash – I was told any rate that earns Gold Points will qualify for this promotion. You can always register for the promotion and then research the rate options and verify it is an eligible rate for earning Gold Points before booking. Government and military rates that normally earn Gold Points should qualify.

  6. Anyone know if the holiday party rate requires holiday party attendance? I am able to book under this rate without referencing a holiday party.

  7. I can’t figure out if gov’t military rate will qualify. How can you tell if the rate will earn gold points?

  8. Looks like it started early… I’m already in.

    “You are now registered for the
    To receive your bonus points,
    make sure you stay with us by Dec 30, 2011.
    Book your next stay at”

  9. I already found a local single night advance rate at a Radisson for $60. Only problem is that I have no use for the stay. Trying to find another Radisson to travel to so I can actually use the stay. Anyone find a lower advance rate?

  10. “•First 50,000 Club Carlson members to register will know they are in the first 50,000 registrants when they see the landing page for the promotion showing 50,000 points offer. After first 50,000 Club Carlson members have registered the promotion landing page will change to show the member is eligible for 15,000 points.”

    No landing page mentioning points – just a “You are now registered”…

  11. What was your “landing page” message? I just got a generic, “You are now registered for the BIG NIGHT GIVEAWAY offer. To receive your bonus points, make sure you stay with us by Dec 30, 2011.”

  12. I also did not see a landing page indicating whether I was one of the first 50,000 to register. I guess I will call tomorrow…

  13. My interpretation: The landing page isn’t the confirmation page. It’s this page:

    and it says right now:


  14. Quick question. If you reserve a pre-paid/advance purchase non-refundable rate, do you still get stay credit if you never check into the hotel?

  15. Anyway to get in contact with management team and ask them the list of qualifying hotels? The terms say, “Participating Hotels are subject to change without notice and the number of rooms and room types available for this Promotion at Participating Hotels may be limited.”

  16. Understood, Rick….no guarantees with this promo. I’m just wondering if anyone has experience with the advance purchase/non-refundable reservations…specifically whether they received stay credit or regular points if they never showed up for the reservation.

  17. Wow, some major hatred being felt right now for those who showed up at the appointed time (12 eastern, 9 pacific). The promo began an hour earlier than it should have.

  18. Updated this post to say Club Carlson Cash & Points stays are eligble for bonus points offer.

    Just spent an hour looking over FlyerTalk and MilePoint threads. I guess I should have posted more on those threads since there is still plenty of confusion on this promotion.

  19. Can I book and pay for this stay with my membership and qualify for the points, but make the stay for my mother? ie: do I actually have to make the stay?

  20. @Steelsnow – earning miles is mutually exclusive from earning 50,000 bonus points.

    Club Carlson representatives were clear that miles earners will not earn bonus 50,000 points from Radisson Big Night Giveaway offer.

  21. @Ric – You are right, it does clearly state on the page ‘Gold Points® may not be earned for Eligible Stays under this Promotion.’ Sorry about posting the bad info. Guess a % back site is the way to go with this one.

  22. I stayed at the Radisson last night . You need to show your DL and it needs to match the name on the Club Carlson account.

  23. Wonder if we can book a radisson hotel through any website like or does it only have to be through to get this offer.

  24. Well done Ric.

    “Participating Hotels are subject to change without notice and the number of rooms and room types available for this Promotion at Participating Hotels may be limited.”

    So before I book, do we know which Hotels are participating ?

  25. All Radisson Hotels in US, Canada and Caribbean are participating as far as I know. There are four Carlson Hotel brands with Park Inn by Radisson (does not count), Country Inns & Suites (does not count), Park Plaza (does not count) and Radisson (counts for promotion).

    Radisson Blu Aqua Tower Chicago also counts.

  26. @dracs (and @Ric) — staying Dec 30-31 doesn’t count, as far as I can tell. I just signed up another account and re-read the fine print on the confirmation page. It includes this sentence:

    “The Qualifying Stay must begin on or after November 10, 2011 and be completed by December 30, 2011 (“Promotion Period”).”

    I have a reservation myself from Dec 30 to Dec 31 that I’ll now need to rebook.

  27. I registered and stayed Nov., 11th at Radisson Chiacgo Blu, but I have not seen bonus points posted to my account. Has anybody received bonus points yet?

  28. Do you get gold points for all rates or cheap rates on online booking are excluded. I don’t want to stay and find out that it did not qualify.

  29. From what I’ve seen the rates excluding points specifically state that in the rate details when booking.

    I have not frequented that many Club Carlson hotels since they are not too abundant in California.

    Anyone else have experience and input?

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