Hotel Loyalty 2011-Q4 promotion

Affinia Hotels 11/11 sale $111.11 Sundays

Affinia Hotels are offering rooms on Sunday nights for $111.11 for stays from January 2 to March 31, 2012. The sale happens next week on 11/11/11 for a 12-hour period from 11am to 11pm using promo code ELEVEN.

I saw this offer on and a hotel industry website and Google only pulled up these same two releases when I searched the sale. Neither site states time zone. Since 6 of 7 Affinia Hotels are in ET, then my bet is ET.

Affinia Hotels are urban boutique upper-upscale hotels with seven properties in the USA. New York has five hotels and Chicago and Washington D.C. each have one hotel. Affinia Hotels signed with Stash Hotel Rewards independent hotels loyalty program in 2011, but for some reason the Washington D.C Affinia hotel is not listed as one of the Stash Rewards hotels so it looks to be a holdout from the loyalty program.


left-The Liaison Capitol Hill Affinia Hotel, right-Hyatt Regency, center-U.S. Capitol.

I stayed across the street from the Affinia Liaison Hotel on Capitol Hill last February when I was at the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill. I had developed a hard-hitting flu the day before. My recall is a feverish memory/ill-usion where I walked by the front doors of the Affinia Liaison Capitol Hill D.C. I was impressed by what I saw from the sidewalk and the Affinia D.C. rooftop patio I saw from the Hyatt Regency.

Here is a photo of the Affinia Washington D.C. from a Hyatt Regency window.

Affinia Liaison Hotel Washington D.C.


Be sure to sign up for a Stash Hotel Rewards account if you plan to stay at an Affinia Hotel. There is a sign up bonus of 1,000 points through this Loyalty Traveler link. This is a bonus points offer CEO Jeff Low set up for Loyalty Traveler last February.

There is no affiliate commission to me if you sign up for Stash Hotel Rewards through the Loyalty Traveler link. This is just a cool gesture of bonus points from Stash Hotel Rewards to Loyalty Traveler readers on Jeff Low’s part.

And if you really want to profit from your friends’ ignorance, then you can sign up for Stash Rewards through the Loyalty Traveler link and get 1,000 points, then use the Stash Rewards Refer-a-Friend link and your friends will each get 500 points for enrollment and you will get 500 points once they stay at a member hotel as a Stash Rewards member.

You could end up with 13,500 Stash Rewards points after you get people to buy Affinia rooms with the November sale. That will be sufficient points to redeem for a free room night at some Stash Rewards hotels.

Reminder: This Affinia Hotels sale happens on Friday, November 11 from 11am to 11pm at Affinia Hotels.

I will try and post this information again on November 10 to remind people of the Affinia Hotels Sunday nights 2012 Q-1 sale rate.