Hotels have better karma than airlines

BrandKarma.com launched this week. This internet startup takes an entirely different view of looking at hotels and airlines than you typically see on travel sites. BrandKarma.com is not a travel site. Global brands across a variety of industries are ranked holistically.

Product – how good are their Products?

People – how well do they treat People?

Planet – how well do they look after the Planet?

Score well in these three attributes and you have good Karma.

If you want to know more about BrandKarma.com check out their About page.

The reason I am mentioning BrandKarma.com here on Loyalty Traveler is my interest in how hotels and airlines ranked. The brands currently listed are far from complete. The hospitality industry, for example, only ranks five brands and does not currently include Marriott Hotels or Starwood Hotels. The website allows users to link in via Twitter or Facebook and make suggestions for adding other brands. I suggested a number of hotel brands to the site.

Hyatt Hotels have good karma!

Hyatt Hotels is the highest ranking hotel brand for good karma on BrandKarma.com when I checked hospitality brands today. Hyatt ranks #28 overall in global brands on BrandKarma.com.

By the way, Wikipedia is currently ranked as the overall #1 global brand on BrandKarma.com. How egalitarian!

I’ll stick with my loyalty program comparative analyses for picking the best hotel brand for the time-being, although I find this an interesting concept.

One observation is clear from a karma comparison of hotel brands to airline brands.

Hotels have better karma.


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