Better Know a Rate: Starwood Hotels Z3H and Z3R and other extended stay promo codes

Starwood Hotels has several little advertised high value discount rates for select city and resort hotels around the globe when staying two to six nights. This is simply a reminder for these options of a big discount on longer stays with prepaid, nonrefundable rates.

These rates are always posted on my Current Hotel Loyalty promotions page.

Starwood Hotel Rate Discount Codes for Multiple Night Stays – Hotels

Starwood Hotel Rate Discount Codes for Multiple Night Stays – Resorts

3-key or sometimes a 5-key discount rates.

These rate discounts are for stays of 2 to 6 nights. Third night free tends to be one of the best discount rates. Important to check other rates (AAA, Senior, Special Offers) as these discounts are generally based on the Best Available Rate (BAR) and may not be the lowest overall rate for some hotels.

When I checked the website today I saw only an offer on the homepage for 40% off every other night using the SPG Better Tomorrows rate.

Better Tomorrows rate is limited to North America and South America properties. One night at 40% off is the same as a 20% discount on a two night stay. The fine print even states the discount is up to 40% off based on the best available non-restricted rate.


SPG Better Tomorrows rates use rate code ZBT or ZB4.  The maximum savings is going to be 20% based on the unrestricted best available rate (BAR). The links provided for 2 to 6 night stays earlier in this post have the potential to be a 33% savings on the unrestricted best available rate.

  • Book 2 Nights = up to 20% savings, promo code Z2H or Z2R
  • Book 3 Nights = up to 33% savings, promo code Z3H or Z3R
  • Book 4 Nights = up to 25% savings promo code Z4H or Z4R
  • Book 5 Nights or 7 or more Nights = up to 25% savings, promo code Z5H or Z5R
  • Book 6 Nights = up to 33% savings, promo code Z6H or Z6R

Basically you should check these rates and Better Tomorrows rates and compare rates when staying two, four or six nights.

These rates are not always the lowest rate for your stay when compared to other specials. Other times they work out to cost more than the lowest AAA or hotel limited time special rate offers.

But, in my experience when checking these special extended stay rates over the past four years is the best deal for the Starwood hotel is found using Z3H or Z3R, Z4H or Z4R, Z5H or Z5R and Z6H or Z6R when staying three or more nights.


Same Hotel, Same Room, Same Dates and Several Different Rate Discounts

I compared different rates for the same dates at the Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf Hotel in San Francisco using several of the rate codes shown in this post. This rate check of one hotel for one 6-night stay illustrates why you should compare the different types of Starwood rate discounts.

Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco – Tuesday November 22- Monday November 28, 2011 (6-night stay)

Better Tomorrows – 40% Off Every 2nd Night – Rate Rate Code = ZB4

Better Tomorrows ZB4 rate = $858 for 6 nights. This is 20% off the $179 BAR rate reducing the nightly rate to $143 for a total room rate of $858 for six nights.

AAA Rate for same six nights November 22-28, 2011 = $912.90.

Better Tomorrows saves over $60 on the 6-night hotel stay after 15.5% tax is factored into the rate. The advantage of the AAA rate for this hotel stay is the reservation can be canceled with no penalty up to 6pm San Francisco time November 21, one day before arrival. The ZBT/ZB4 Better Tomorrows rate is prepaid at time of booking meaning your credit card is charged the day you reserve the room, the entire stay cost is nonrefundable and you are not allowed any changes unless the hotel is willing to work with you on alternate arrangements.

An extra $10 per night for the AAA rate is basically trip cancellation insurance in my mind. Sure you can actually buy trip cancellation coverage for a $1,000 hotel stay from some insurance providers at a lower cost and you might even have some type of credit card coverage, but the “I changed my mind and did not want to stay at that hotel” is not a payout condition for trip cancellation insurance coverage.

Now don’t stop comparing rates because Better Tomorrows is $60 less than AAA rate and $22 less than the prepaid advance purchase rate you find when checking the same dates on for the Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf.

Advance purchase Rate is lowest rate available without a promotion code for this stay.

$146.48 x 6 = $878.88 or $20.88 more than the Better Tomorrows rate with the same prepaid terms. Better Tomorrows ZB4 rate looks like a good 2.4% savings on the rate you would have been shown on SPG without a promotion code.

Don’t stop searching!

Keep Checking Rates!

Here is the rate using Z5R which offers a 25% discount on stays of 5 or more nights.

Z5R rate reduces the total rate to $804 for this 6-night stay Nov 22-28, 2011 at Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco.

$134 per night is even lower than the $143 per night Better Tomorrows rate.

Z5R is a special rate code to remember since it can be used for 25% off stays of 5 nights or more. This same rate of $134 per night is available for an 8-night stay from November 22-30.

I specifically chose a 6-night stay to show the rate differences with different promotion codes.

Z6R is a two free nights code and uses the same $179 unrestricted BAR rate used for all these different rate codes for the Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf on these dates.

Z6R 6-night rate with two nights free.

Z6R rate = $716 for six nights or $119.33 per night for this prepaid and nonrefundable promo code rate. This is a 33% discount on the $179 rate per night. This is over 20% off the AAA rate at $152 and more than 16% less than the Better Tomorrows discount rate of $143 for the same dates and same room at the same hotel.

  • Z6R rate = $119.33/night or $716 for six nights. Prepaid, no changes, nonrefundable.
  • Z5R rate = $134/night or $804 for six nights. Prepaid, no changes, nonrefundable.
  • ZB4 Rate = $143/night or $858 for six nights. Prepaid, no changes, nonrefundable.
  • Advance Purchase rate = $146.48/night or $878.88 for six nights. Prepaid, no changes, nonrefundable.
  • AAA rate = $152.15/night or $912.90 for six nights. Cancel to 6pm day before arrival with no penalty.

The promo code Z6R rate for the Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco with two free nights is $716 compared to $912.90 for the AAA “day before arrival cancellation with no penalty” rate.

Saving $197 on a hotel stay looks like a much better deal than Better Tomorrows 40% off every second night. The Z6R promo rate might be worth risking a prepaid, nonrefundable rate gamble.

You can always buy trip insurance to cover your loss if something more dire than “I changed my mind about staying at that hotel” happens before your stay.

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