Hyatt 5,000 Points every 3 Nights Sep 15-Nov 15

Hyatt Gold Passport offers a two month promotion period to earn 5,000 points every three nights, up to 30,000 points for hotel stays September 15 through November 15, 2011. These are cumulative nights stayed so this nights based incentive rewards both one night stay guests and extended stay guests. This is a simple promotion with all hotels participating globally.

Promotion registration is required. Registration page will go live on September 15, 2011 at

At the time of this post members will only see the following page stating “This promotion has ended” when clicking on the web address above.

The maximum bonus points a member may earn for the Sep 15-Nov 15 offer is 30,000 points after 18 nights.

  • 3 nights = 5,000 bonus points
  • 6 nights = 10,000 cumulative bonus points
  • 9 nights = 15,000 cumulative bonus points
  • 12 nights = 20,000 cumulative bonus points
  • 15 nights = 25,000 cumulative bonus points
  • 18 nights = 30,000 cumulative bonus points
  • Bonus points are earned even if account preference is set to earn miles.
  • Bonus points will be awarded for only one room per stay even if more than one room is booked by member.

Hyatt allows a member to earn base points on up to three rooms per stay when one of the rooms is occupied by the Gold Passport member and all three rooms are paid by the member, however, only one room per night is eligible to earn the 5,000 bonus points from this promotion. In contrast, the concurrently running Starwood double and triple points promotion allows SPG members to earn bonus points for up to three rooms with its promotion.

Second verse, same as the first

One annoying aspect of this offer is the promotion and terms were announced Thursday, August 25 on FlyerTalk and MilePoint social forums and there is not even a live webpage yet to accompany the promotion announcement.

Personally, I find it inconvenient to announce a loyalty promotion three weeks before the promotion registration page is available. This offer requires members to register in order to earn the bonus points, yet there is not even a promotion web page posted on the Gold Passport website where a member can at least request an email reminder to register once the page is available.

It is not like Hyatt needs to design a new promotion webpage since this offer is exactly the same promotion terms as a targeted offer provided to some members earlier this month for 5,000 bonus points per three nights during stays from August 5 to September 30. I wrote about this targeted offer earlier this month in my post “Damn you Hyatt I’m not targeted, but give me the points anyway!”

I wonder if the members who were targeted for this earlier offer will receive 10,000 points for three nights during the overlapping period of Sep 15-30?


Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The short promotion period of two months seems odd to me and also gives some encouragement that Hyatt Gold Passport may follow up this promotion with an end-of-year “stays count double” offer. The consensus on FlyerTalk is Hyatt Gold Passport has put its marketing efforts firmly behind its co-branded Visa credit card while pulling back on its hotel stay promotions. The backlash being expressed over several mediocre promotions in 2011 seems like it might motivate Hyatt to offer an end-of-year promotion to boost member stays and provide an incentive for members to maintain elite Diamond status.

Then again, Hyatt may have a different strategy in mind by focusing on its credit card and the lure of Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond elite benefits like free breakfast and confirmed suite upgrades as its primary avenue for attracting higher spending Diamond elites.

Honestly, I have been telling readers since mid-2009 that the high value hotel loyalty promotions were unprecedented and get what you can while you can. The past two quarters of hotel industry financial data reveals most major hotel chains bragging about their positive growth and enhanced revenue. Business travel has picked up significantly, even as indicators continue to show a lagging leisure travel market, except for foreigners coming to major U.S. cities where travel is a bargain for many visitors due to our low value U.S. dollar in the global marketplace.

Combining 5K Possibilities promotion with concurrent Miles Bonus Offers

There are bonus miles offers currently available to Gold Passport members. These offers may be combined with the 5,000 bonus points every 3 nights during the overlapping promotion periods as stated in the FAQ posted on FlyerTalk by Gold Passport Concierge, Hyatt’s company representative August 25.

Earn 1,000 British Airways miles per night, up to 30,000 miles for stays from August 1 – October 31, 2011. Registration required.

2,500 Aeroplan miles per Hyatt stay July 1-September 30. Maximum bonus is 25,000 miles after 10 stays.

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  1. A follow-on “stays count double” would be helpful in letting me renew Diamond status without having to trek to Fremont four or five times for MR nights.

  2. If this is GP’s only fall promo, then it is a major disappointment. Diamond members expect FFN in the fall, and Hyatt Visa is no substitute. It appears SPG had the best free nights promo in 2011. Lack of promos and higher rates compared to Hilton & SPG, mean customers are free with their loyalty.

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