Marry Me 11-11-11 NYC Crowne Plaza Facebook Wedding Party Contest

Crowne Plaza has a Facebook Marry Me 11-11-11 promotion based on the auspicious numerology of the date November 11, 2011. Crowne Plaza is offering eleven U.S. couples the chance to win a trip to New York City for a wedding or wedding vows renewal at 11am on 11-11-11 in an event hosted by “Tough Love” host and matchmaker Steve Ward. The prize includes rooms for 10 friends (I assume this means 6 hotel rooms total for newlyweds and friends).

I am not familiar with Steve Ward or the show Tough Love, but this looks like a cute promotion with a nice payout for someone who wants to take the time to share your love story. Story length has a 250 word limit so no ‘Pride and Prejudice’ tale.

My glance at the rules indicates 25 finalists will be selected by voters and a phone interview will decide the eleven winning couples.


  • Roundtrip airfare to New York City for you and the love of your life
  • Upscale accommodations for the winning couples and 10 of their closest friends and family
  • Pre-wedding day tour of New York City’s most romantic spots
  • Rehearsal cocktail party at the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan
  • A dream wedding on 11.11.11 at 11AM, officiated by Steve Ward, host of VH-1’s “Tough Love” and, and surrounded by your 10 guests
  • Post-wedding celebration reception at the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan
  • An assortment of digital photos from the wedding
  • Each couple will receive a personalized, edited highlight video of their experience from Wedit

Crowne Plaza Facebook Marry Me 11-11-11 NYC contest for 11 U.S. couples

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  1. Wow! This would be awesome for me and my Gf, we are going to be 11 years together at the time of this celebration!!!

  2. Our love story started in way back in 1992… love at first sight and all. Well, we have been living together ever since but STILL are not married! We joke all the time how our lucky number is any sequence of the number 11 & every time we see that number we laugh, whether it’s on the clock as 11:11 or 1:11. A highway number… house number… on a license plate… whatever; it’s just OUR number, and somehow we’re compelled to see it just about every day! Ellen DeGeneres also has a “thing” about that too and named her record label “ELEVENELEVEN”. I saw Sylvia Brown on Montel years ago and she said if you’re seemingly compelled to see the number 11, you’re surrounded by angels, and it’s a sign of a “GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY”. Well, I am seeing this as a sign that YOU could be our WEDDING ANGEL and give us OUR golden opportunity by marrying us on this VERY SPECIAL DAY & make our dream come true at LONG LAST!! Thank you 🙂

  3. We have been together for fifteen years now and were still not married but very much in love but we can never seem to save enough money to get married both of our parents would like for us to get married also if we could win this it would be great

  4. Tim and I met on line 2 years ago, at 31 I was starting to feel like I was the last single women. By date 3 I was sure I wanted to marry him. I always wanted a dream wedding and over the years many of the people I love have passed away leaving me feeling like it would not be as special. Money has been very tight and we have had to put our daily survival ahead of our want to have a big wedding. I know its a long shot but as Steve quoted MJ this morning, you will always miss 100% of the time if you never try. Good luck to everyone!

  5. andy and I met in 1977–It was only to go out for a date. seen each other for a short period of time and then andy went on his sweet way only to realize that he was coming back in about 6 months. And sure enough in 1978 we had a daughter, satera, at this time andy wasn’t going no where. I also had a son before satera who was 2 years old at the time we met. It is now 2005 and we put both childred through school. michael joined the marines and satera is now a elem. teacher. satera got married in 2007 which was really a pleasure to see how happy she was on her special day. Didn;t last long!we did all the special things parents do for there children. now that the kids are growed and really gone–Its only me and andy again. I’ve always said to him when are we getting married? His respond was “NO NEED TO: One day I guess he was tired of me asking –he made a a ppointment at the lawyers office–who is a judge–and on our lunch break we got married.
    It took 5 minutes and then we went back to work. Great and to my surprise later that evening we went to chase pitkins home tool center to pick up some tools-I guess that was my honeymoon–So today the childred are 33 and 37. I am 56 and andy is 63 but thinks hes 40. We been together for almost 35 years, It would be very nice to renew our vows and something I always dreamed of as a child. I guess I did everything —just did it backwards. We have been married for 5 years now. and guess what never thought it would last–but we are best friends and love each other deeply. thank you for reading a long story but I could go on and on.

  6. Great to see all these love story comments on Loyalty Traveler. I hope all of you are posting these on the Crowne Plaza Facebook link in the first line of this post.

    This is a Crowne Plaza Facebook contest.

    Loyalty Traveler has no affiliation with the contest and comments here will not enter you into the contest.

    My love story is going into 30 years with my wife. We have traveled the world together and currently we live about 500 yards from the place we first met at Monterey Peninsula College in 1982. Being solo gives a great deal of freedom, being together with a loved one gives a great degree of comfort.

  7. “Marry me” needs to screen their enteries much more carefully. There is one story on the site, Love Plus 4 Squared = Window from Tewksbury, MA is based on misconceptions and is rather slanderish. The guy “G” is a married man! Tully will do anything to get her face back of television! How sad.

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