Four travel blogs giving away 100,000 Starpoints this week

Several travel blogs including The Vacation Gals, Vagabondish, Home Ever After, and The Points Guy are giving away 100,000 SPG points this week in conjunction with the Starwood Preferred Guest credit card 30,000 points sign-up bonus. No need to sign up for the credit card to enter these contests and sweepstakes for 100,000 Starpoints.

Each blog has their own entry requirements and deadlines, but suffice to say that you can enter to win 100,000 Starpoints this week on four different blogs. And these odds are good.

All these bloggers are definite winners with each receiving a payment of 100,000 Starpoints for running these contests on their blogs to promote the Starwood Preferred Guest American Express credit card.

Enter to win 100,000 Starpoints at these blogs: (190). One entry per person by Saturday August  20,  11:00 am eastern time. (14). You can enter once daily through Wednesday, August 24, 6 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time. (38). Enter by Sat Aug 20 11:59 pm eastern time. (60). You can enter once per day through Monday August 22 11:59 eastern time.

Number of comments/entries at 9pm Pacific time, August 17, 2011 is shown in parentheses beside blog link.

Important Notice for Loyalty traveler readers: Loyalty Traveler is not running a 100,000 Starpoints giveaway. You need to go to the blogs listed and enter their specific contests for a chance to win 100,000 Starpoints.

You are certainly free to comment away on this post, but you won’t win any SPG Starpoints from Loyalty Traveler for your effort.

These are four blogs I saw giving away 100,000 Starpoints this week. There might be others. Please comment if you know of other blogs running a 100,000 Starpoints promotion. American Express is showering points around the blogosphere for this promotion.

Guess I shouldn’t have panned the card earlier this month.


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  1. ya thats because ric is not a sell out like the other blogs. tpg is rapidly becoming a puppet for amex social media advertising.

  2. WTF?!?!??!? How come TPG got the 100k SPG pts to run this deal and you didn’t? That’s BS. Last time I checked you were the hotel guru and your whole blog is based around hotels. Or am I mistaken and dreaming? You got hosed satori!!! If I were you, I would start throwing a few more jabs SPG’s way when you review their hotels. That peeling wallpaper might not have bothered you before, but if it’s at a Westin, it certainly should bother you in the future, and you should post about it on your blogs. 😉 Hmmmm, I wonder why Lucky didn’t get chosen? Could it be cuz of his recent “Platinum Chronicles” series where he calls out SPG properties for the shenanigans they pull on SPG Plats by not upgrading them and claiming they have no Suites when they are in fact selling plenty of Suites on What a crock. IMHO, you got the shaft satori, you deserved the 100k SPG pts. :td:

  3. I am LOVING all of the detailed answers of “how I’d spend 100,000 Starwood points” on our giveaway. Unfortunately, a bunch of you (and I know you are Loyalty Traveler enthusiasts because of your detailed answers) are commenting on comments, and those earn 201.5, 201.6 comment numbers. I cannot enter “decimals” into, so you need to create a NEW comment with a whole number comment number to be entered.

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