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Accor Hotels Super Sale offers real bargains for July 8 – Sep 4 Stays

Accor Hotels has a 50% off Super Sale for over 1,000 hotels on bookings made by June 22 for stays from July 8 –September 4, 2011. Particpating Hotels link. These sale rates earn A|Club points.

There are some real bargain rates for hotels I checked in Frankfurt and Prague, Florence, Italy and Dublin, Ireland. All these cities revealed weekend rates in the range of US$50 to $100 per night.

July 9, 2011 sample Super Sale rates

  • Mercure Hotel Kaiserhof Frankfurt City Center = US$50
  • Novotel Franfurt City = US$57
  • M Gallery Hotel Savigny Frankfurt City = US$71
  • Novotel Praha Wenceslas Square, Prague = US$89
  • M Galley Hotel Century Old Town Prague = US $93
  • Ibis Dublin Red Cow Junction, Dublin, Ireland = US $57
  • Novotel Firenze Nord Aeroporto, Florence, Italy = US $86
  • M Gallery Hotel Cerretani Firenze, Florence, Italy = US $129

Accor 50% Sale Terms & Conditions:

  • Book June 14 to June 22.
  • Stay July 8 to Sep 4.
  • Sale rates in UK do not apply  for stays until July 17.
  • Sale rates end for Paris August 22.
  • Rates are prepaid and nonrefundable and do not allow changes.  

Loyalty Traveler aside note: I always wondered why place names are not the same in English as the name used in the country where the city is located like Praha and Prague or Firenze and Florence? This has puzzled me from the time I lived in Deutschland (Germany) as a 9-year old.

Accor Hotels tutorial for Americans

Accor Hotels has around 4,329 hotels worldwide making it a larger chain than Hilton or Marriott and on par with InterContinental Hotels Group. Travelers in Europe and particularly France will find Accor Hotels the most prevalent chain in many cities with over 2,400 hotels across the continent.

Accor Hotels is the largest hotel chain in Europe with a range of hotel brands from luxury segment to budget.

  • Sofitel Hotels is Accor’s luxury brand.
  • The upscale brands are Pullman Hotels and M Gallery.
  • Novotel and Mercure are midscale market segment hotels (think Four Points, Courtyard, Hilton Garden Inn).
  • Economy hotel brands are Ibis Hotels and All Seasons. 
  • Accor has around 2,000 budget brand hotels with ETAP and Formule 1 in Europe and Motel 6 in the U.S. Many of the budget hotels in Europe in the ETAP brand and Formule 1 are less than US$40 per night making these hotels affordable overnighters for couples and families needing a place to simply sleep in a bed.


Accor A|Club hotel loyalty program

2,300 hotels in the Accor brands of Sofitel, Pullman, M Gallery, Novotel, Novotel Suites, Mercure, Adagio, Ibis and All Seasons participate in A-Club hotel loyalty program. The Accor budget market segment brands do not participate in A-Club loyalty program.

General A|Club membership is free, although there are paid memberships with Accor Favorite Guest and Ibis la carte for additional benefits.

A|Club Points Value

A-Club is a points-based loyalty program, however, A-Club points have a fixed value.

2,000 A|Club points = US$60 or 40EUR

Leveraging A|Club for hotel room points requires the member to find bonus points promotions when paying for rooms. Most brands earn points at the rate of 2 points per Euro.

Ibis and All Seasons earn 1 point per Euro. In France only Ibis stays Friday to Sunday nights earn points.


A|Club Elite Status

A|Club has elite status levels with the following qualification levels and bonus points:

  • Silver = 10 nights or earn 2,500 A|Club points. Earns 50% bonus points.
  • Gold = 30 nights or earn 10,000 A|Club points. Earns 75% bonus points.
  • Platinum = 60 nights or earn 25,000 A|Club points. Earns 100% bonus points.

The advantage of A|Club is the ability to redeem points for vouchers to pay for room stays. This allows members to effectively redeem points for vouchers and discount room rates while earning more points and elite credit on paid stays.

A|Club in the Americas

Only about 7% of A|Club hotel loyalty program members live in the U.S., while about 50% of all A-Club members live in Europe where most Accor brand hotels are located.

Latin America with nearly 200 Accor brand hotels has 21% of A|Club global members; the second largest regional membership base for A|Club.

Brazil is another country where A|Club is a useful loyalty program membership. You won’t find many of the U.S. hotel chain properties in Brazil, although every hotel chain is building and rebranding hotels like crazy in advance of the major sporting events of World Cup 2014 and the Summer Olympics 2016 hosted by Brazil.

Links: Accor Hotels 50% off Super Sale at 1,000 Hotels

PDF of Participating Accor Hotels (No hotels in USA are participating)

Loyalty Traveler Request for Reader Assistance:

Please leave tips on A|Club and Accor Hotels to help Loyalty Traveler build a better knowledge base on this program that is unfamiliar to most Americans.

If you are involved in Accor Hotels PR or management, I’d love to hook up with someone from Accor Hotels to arrange a hotel brand tour. TBEX Prague (Praha) is happening November 2011. Let’s talk.

low angle view of a tall building
Sofitel Chicago


  • Andrew June 14, 2011

    Thanks for this. I haven’t stayed in many Accor hotels, but I didn’t realize it had such collection in Europe.

    An interesting aside to your aside is that place names can change even in the same country. If you are heading to Bergen, you need to remember it’s called Mons in Flemish. If you don’t, you might suddenly discover that Bergen has disappeared from the road signs! Also, Aachen, Germany, is known as Aix-la-Chapelle in French! Liege equals Luik. Antwerpen is Anvers. And so on.

    There’s a reason why GPSs are popular in this part of the world. 🙂

  • Kalboz June 14, 2011

    Thanks for posting, great information, & analysis Ric! I posted here with sample 50% rate in August for some Thailand properties.

  • Michael H June 14, 2011

    Ric – The best way to get your head around Accor is to read the help guide on the Milepoint Wiki ( which coincidently I’ve written.

    First time visitors to the program are best starting off with the FAQ, which covers off important information regarding the program, including a speciality section on if you should credit to A|Club or not inc. the maths to work it out.

    If you have any questions, drop me a line and if I can’t help then I can put the call out to some of my Accor connections to see if we can’t put you in touch with someone to answer them.

    For anyone else with questions, stop by the A|Club forum on Milepoint (, as there’s a small but loyal group of A|Club members who can answer questions.

  • Raffles June 15, 2011

    There are some good deals here, but I don’t think Dublin is one of them. $57 for a 2-star Ibis that is 7.5km from the city centre is not exactly wonderful for most tourists!

  • Ric Garrido June 15, 2011

    True enough about Dublin. I noticed the distance, but I didn’t look into the hotel. Being west of Dublin is not particularly attractive when there are plenty of waterfront locations for B&B accomodations near the same price.

    I tried finding a link for this lovely B&B with great views of Howth in Portmarnock right along the seaside, north of Dublin where I stayed in 1997. I couldn’t locate the place and it probably is not a B&B anymore.

    My recommendation for Dublin is to be right in the city center, unless you have a car. The Ibis might be a decent place for a night before heading to the airport.

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