Wyndham Rewards points on is Good Buy

You can buy up to 190,000 Wyndham Rewards points at 12 noon ET Wednesday, May 4 through Daily Getaways offers. These are great discounts on Wyndham Rewards points for hotel nights or points-to-miles exchange.

$117 for two nights at a Wyndham Hotel is a deal you’d be hard to match with Priceline or Hotwire hotel buys.

Wyndham Rewards is one of the best hotel loyalty programs for low level points-to-miles exchanges with airlines. Wyndham Rewards has a fixed rate of exchange at 8,000 points = 3,200 miles with most major US airlines.

Buy 48,000 points for $135 (AmEx) or even $150 and convert to 19,200 miles in American, Air Canada Aeroplan, Continental, Delta, Frontier, United and US Airways and a few others.

Hotel Rewards in U.S. for most Wyndham Rewards brands like Ramada, Super 8, Days Inn, Howard Johnson, Travelodge, Knights Inn, Microtel Hawthorn Suites and Baymont are assigned to four tiers.

Wyndham Rewards for one hotel free night at most Wyndham brands:

  • Tier 1 = 6,000 points
  • Tier 2 = 10,000 points
  • Tier 3 = 14,000 points
  • Tier 4 = 16,000 points

Wyndham Hotels and Resorts are a separate category of rewards at 15,000 to 45,000 for properties around the world. In the U.S. most Wyndham hotels are in the 15,000 to 25,000 points range.

Wyndham Rewards points on Discover America Daily Getaway Wednesday May 4, 2011

16,000 points = $50 ($45.00 if payment with American Express). 725 sets available. Maximum purchase is two per member.

28,000 points = $69 ($62.10 if payment with American Express). 125 sets available. Maximum purchase is one per member.

32,000 points = $100 ($90.00 if payment with American Express). 400 sets available. Maximum purchase is one per member.

48,000 points = $150 ($135.00 if payment with American Express). 150 sets available. Maximum purchase is one per member.

50,000 points = $130 ($117.00 if payment with American Express). 298 sets available. Maximum purchase is one per member.

Oddly the price is not the same rate for these Wyndham Points packages. 28,000 points and 50,000 points are best buys with a rate around $2.50 for 1,000 points compared to $3.12 per 1,000 for the other three sets.

A member may purchase a maximum of six sets of Wyndham Rewards points from these five offers for a total of 190,000 points for $494.10.

This is really an excellent deal. 190,000 points can be converted to 76,000 airline miles (plus any bonuses like US Airways) or buy a whole lot of hotel nights or even a one week Wyndham Resort beach vacation. This deal certainly beats Starpoints at 20% off or $28 per 1,000 points for someone wanting frequent flyer miles.

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  1. Must the points be transferred in blocks of 8,000? If that is the case, you’d actually fall short of the 76K miles.

  2. last time wyndham had this promo on this site their was a 75% transfer bonus to usair with the points, making the promo extra lucrative. Are you aware of any such hotel transfer bonuses this year to use with this promo.

  3. In reference to my first comment, I was incorrect. You can actually transfer in blocks of 8K, 17.5K, and 30K – so 5 of 8K and 5 of 30K will get you all the points.

  4. Any experience with converting to AA miles? Website says 6-8wks, which will be too long if one’s interested in topping accounts before the Lifetime program changes.

  5. This is a great deal. Looks like you can effectively buy AA miles for 0.6cpm.

    @Mon – still no definite word from AA on changes and they have said they will give warning. Also when I have done Hyatt and SPG transfers they always take time but eventually post with the date they were initiated.

  6. Sold out in about a half hour on all 5 sets. Managed only to get 50k points for $117.

  7. The 50K block sold out in seconds! I tried to add it to card exactly at 12 noon and it showed “It is in somebody else’s cart message!”

  8. I started clicking on the 50K page at 11:59am and refreshed until the “Buy” link popped up and purchased that item first.

    I tried about 20 times for the 28K with no success and moved onto the 32K and purchased that. Then I went to the 16K and refreshed a couple of times and finally got that one.

    These are valuable deals. I wanted this one for myself which is why I waited until this morning to post about the miles angle for Wyndham Rewards points.

    Next up for a pretty good buy is Friday and the Gaylord Resort properties. There are only four in the U.S. and the two I have stayed in at National Harbor, MD outside Washington DC and Orlando (free shuttle to Walt Disney World) are truly nice hotels. They are convention hotels and the restaurants are expensive, but at $113 per night these are great deals if you happen to be going to Nashville or Orlando or Dallas or D.C.

  9. OK, after getting in on 4 I fumbled away the 50k, Hamfisted the 48k, ended up with a 32 and a 16. Next time, I’m definitely not doing caffeine before buying!

  10. Thanks Ric for the heads up on this one! We’re doing a long road trip this summer, and it’s nice to have a stash of points to use for the various chains by the side of the highway.

    I had the $130 in my basket in one tab, and got greedy and started another order in another tab and lost it 🙁 In the end, I got 2 x $50 and the $100 for a total of 64,000 points, and I got the AmEx discount. My husband did better than I did, I think he got all the packages except the $69 one.

    I kept trying until 12:20, when the message started changing from “it’s in someone else’s basket” to “sorry, that’s sold out”

  11. @Phil, thanks for your input, I decided to go for it but ended up with NADA…
    @Ric: Thanks for posting the miles angle, it was really helpful. Your strategy was better than mine, I kept getting the message “it’s in someone else’s cart” several times, moved on to another only to get the same message in all packages for 20 min.
    Congrats to all that got in on this deal!

  12. All my purchased points have posted to my Wyndham Rewards account. As I have checked hotels along my 5,000 miles of road travel planned over the next ten weeks I see these points are going to come in handy.

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