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The Palazzo Las Vegas Pools

The Palazzo Las Vegas pools offer an entire city block of pools wrapped around two sides of the hotel. I read somewhere there are seven pools. I guess that depends on which ones are counted.

The view from my room looked down to the Azure Luxury Pools in the top right. These pools require a premium spend to hang out. The days I was there the charge was $250.  The large oval pool is open to all guests. Two pools and spa tub in Azure are nearer Las Vegas Blvd.

The large pool outside the main hotel pool doors was packed on a Friday afternoon. Pool hours were 9am to 6pm in late April. One of the most disappointing features of the major hotels on the Las Vegas Strip are short day pool hours. Few pools stay open to even 8pm in peak summer when it can be 90 degrees at midnight and many pools have open hours as short as 10am-4pm in winter, even on days when it is 75 degrees.

The pools look out to the Venetian in one direction and the Wynn and Encore Hotels across Spring Mountain Road in the other direction.

The large pool centrally located directly outside of the hotel pool entrance on the 3rd floor is at the hallway to Canyon Ranch Spa and there is a cafe and bar on the hotel side of the pool and another bar on the other side of the pool.

A smaller pool is empty and showed Reserve signs on lounge chairs when I walked by.

The long pool has views of the Venetian Resort.

Pool Cabana

TV, couch and table.

Two chairs.

Canyon Ranch Spa was a treat just to walk through to reach a different set of swimming pools. I know nothing about the spa, except there are two fitness rooms and a café. The walk engaged me with the walls as I wandered the corridors alone.

The first mile  is a warm-up walk to what else is inside for a workout.

And down the hall and another corner and there is a reception desk and beyond that a rock climbing wall.

There are around a dozen or so spa pools located around teh resort pools. I didn’t count them all.

The best “swimming” pool is around the back side of the Palazzo outside the doors of the Canyon Ranch Spa.

Pool Bars are located in several places around the pools. Drink prices range from $6 for beer to $12 for cocktails.

The pools nearest the Venetian get the most early morning sun at this time of year in the early spring months.

These pools bake in the early morning while the long pool and other pools in the front side ot the Palazzo linger in the shadows.

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