The Palazzo Las Vegas Bella Suite

This is a Loyalty Traveler hotel review of The Palazzo Las Vegas Bella Suite. The Palazzo and The Venetian in Las Vegas became InterContinental Alliance Resorts on April 1, 2011. These two adjacent Las Vegas Strip resorts are currently the only two hotels in the newly created branding alliance within the InterContinental Hotels Group.

The Palazzo Resort Las Vegas, an InterContinental Alliance Resort

I booked a room for Friday night, April 22, 2011 at The Palazzo using a Priority Club Points & Cash reward night at 30,000 points + $60 cash. The room rates for that date were $199 for a King Luxury Suite or $229 for a Bella Suite with two Queen beds. Priority Club let me book either room type with an award. The paid rates were $30 more for a View room in these two hotel categories.

My sister pointed out that most Las Vegas strip hotels charge more for two beds than for one King bed. I had never noticed this before since I am 99% a King.

This is part one of a two part post on The Palazzo Las Vegas Resort.

  • Part One: The Palazzo Luxury and Bella Suites
  • Part Two: The Palazzo Resort Recreation and Entertainment


Hallway from Palazzo Casino to Palazzo Shops



The Palazzo Resort Basic Room Type – Luxury or Bella Suite

Check-in at The Palazzo:

Actual check-in time was listed as 3:00pm on my reservation. I arrived at the hotel around 2:00pm.

The parking garage has one set of elevators that take you directly to the lobby area with hotel registration desks. Another set of elevators from the garage take you close to the hotel room floor entrance and its sets of room floor elevators. The hotel rooms are located on the opposite side of the casino from the Palazzo front entrance and registration desks.

The Palazzo Las Vegas lobby

There is a dedicated check-in desk for Priority Club Elite members.

The Palazzo Priority Club elite member desk

My check-in agent was charmingly friendly and seemed genuine in her conversational interest while setting up the hotel stay. She welcomed me as a Priority Club Platinum elite and said I was receiving an upgrade to a view room on the 32nd floor. There are three sets of room elevators for floors up to 23, 23-36 and 37-50.

Late check-out at 1 pm rather than the normal time of 11am was offered as a complimentary benefit.

Royal Ambassadors have their own separate registration lounge room at The Palazzo.

The Palazzo Royal Ambassador hotel registration lounge

I received a Bella View suite on Floor 32 with my Priority Club Points & Cash room. The room rate for this last minute reward night was $290 for room with tax. My 30,000 Priority Club points were worth $230 or $7.67 per 1,000 points. That is why buying points at $6 per 1,000 is a good idea when you get the chance with Points & Cash rewards.

$7.67 per 1,000 points is actually a low redemption value for my Priority Club reward stays where I generally spend points for $10+ per 1,000 points. The primary reason I went with points was to avoid spending $230 more for the hotel night. I burned points to save the cash for other hotel stays I need to make in May 2011 that will earn back far more than 30,000 Priority Club points.

P for Palazzo in marble

Check-in Amenities:

There is a mandatory Palazzo Resort fee of $17.00 + 12% tax = $19.04 per day. This fee includes free wi-fi and access to Canyon Ranch Spa fitness rooms. There is even a rock-climbing wall in the spa. This is also a location where breakfast can be purchased at a café far less crowded than the pool area or casino locations.

There was a set of coupons provided at check-in which appeared to be geared for Priority Club members. My sister who booked a rate not using Priority Club had different coupons for her stay.

The Palazzo discount coupons provided with my Priority Club reward night stay had the following offers:

  • Canyon Ranch Spa $35 off any 50 minute or longer Massage or Facial.
  • Morels French Steakhouse & Bistro – 20% off breakfast or brunch.
  • Zine Noodles DimSum – Asian cuisine – $30 off $60 purchase.
  • LAVO Nightclub – complimentary line pass and admission.
  • Piano Bar two for one drinks.


The Palazzo Las Vegas lobby ceiling


Prestige at The Palazzo

Prestige at The Palazzo is a nightly paid upgrade for an additional $100 that includes:

  • Private champagne check-in starting at noon (normal check-in time is 3pm).
  • Deluxe continental breakfast from 7am – 10am.
  • Coffee and tea on 23rd floor from 10am – 4pm.
  • Hot and cold hors d’oeuvres from 5pm – 7pm.
  • Complimentary cocktail reception from 5pm – 8pm in the 23rd floor lounge.
  • Desserts from 7pm – 9pm.
  • Plasma TV screens throughout the 23rd floor lounge.
  • Complimentary wi-fi on 23rd floor.
  • DVD library for suite.
  • Personal concierge service 7am – 9pm.

Basically Prestige is an extra $93 after tax over the otherwise mandatory resort fee of $17 + tax. For two people this could be a decent value for the additional food and drinks.

Complimentary continental breakfast in the Floor 23 lounge is perhaps a $25 per day value. The Grand Lux in the Palazzo casino has many more food selections with a buffet breakfast at $15.95 per person. This is a relatively good deal at Grand Lux dining room for a Las Vegas Strip resort breakfast.

Drinks are $6 beer and $12 cocktails in most places around the Palazzo Resort, so 3 hours of free drinks could be a significant value depending on your intake. Evening appetizers and dessert are probably another $25 to $30 value.

Prestige at the Palazzo for $100 + $12 tax = $112 per day is a reasonable price for 23rd floor lounge access if you are staying as a couple and will be hanging around the hotel for the free food and drinks. Most of the other amenities like wi-fi and fitness room access are provided with the regular daily resort fee.

The View

The room view overlooked the pools, but from the 32nd floor the pools are rather far away.

The Palazzo Las Vegas – pool view from Floor 32


Straight ahead window view was Treasure Island and that hotel had an 8:30 pm pirate ship battle and performance. Again, this was far away for seeing the people performing in the show so our visual attention focused on the overall light effect, fireballs and sinking ship. Hundreds of people were gathered on the sidewalks watching the show outside Treasure Island.

The Palazzo Las Vegas view of Treasure Island

The lights at night stretching across the valley are pretty to watch.

The Palazzo Las Vegas view

The Room:

The entry-rate standard room category at The Palazzo is either a Luxury Suite (King bed) or Bella Suite (two Queen Beds). My family had one of each room type for this stay and both rooms were identical with the exception of the beds. These are large rooms at 720 square feet. Most commonly a luxury class hotel room is about 500 to 600 sq. ft. at the entry level room category.

The Palazzo Las Vegas Bella Suite


The Bella Suite has two Queen beds. Good quality pillows and linens make these comfortable beds.

Each bed has a seat at the foot of the bed. There was seating for at least ten people in the room.

The Palazzo Las Vegas bed seat.


The bed section of the suite has a wall-mounted 42-inch TV.

The Sitting Room

The couch is extra large and contains a pull-out bed.

The Palazzo Las Vegas large couch and desk

The Palazzo Las Vegas Bella Suite TV

The TV in the sitting room seemed slightly smaller, perhaps 37-inch. This piece of furniture also had stocked electronic mini-bar and room safe.  A small round table with three chairs in front of the window provided a place to eat or sit. Two stairs between beds and sitting room could be an issue for some guests.

The Palazzo Las Vegas Bella Suite curtains


The Bathroom

The bathroom is a large space at 130 square feet with separate shower and bathtub, dual sinks, a separate toilet room and stand alone vanity table.

The Palazzo Las Vegas bathroom vanity table in Bella Suite

Separate shower and tub.

Dual sinks and just outside this picture on the right is a wall mounted TV.

Separate toilet room.

My overall impression is the size of the room at The Palazzo makes this hotel a great choice if you want room to move about in your room at a price that is likely cheaper than upgrading to a room this size at most of the other Las Vegas Strip hotels.

Part Two at The Palazzo Las Vegas has photos of  the seven or so pools and Canyon Ranch Spa.

This is a good YouTube video posted by SuperCabbie1 showing the standard Palazzo luxury suite with a King bed. There is an extra chair that is not present in Bella Suites with two Queen Beds. The room location in the video is the non-view room that looks southeast to the Venetian and lots of low roof tops over the casino and spa and parking garages behind the Las Vegas Strip resorts.

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  1. Stupid thing I did not like in the room? The lighting for the 2 steps down…had to keep that covered at night for maximum darkness.

    Motor-controlled window shades were kinda cool.

  2. “There is a mandatory Palazzo Resort fee of $17.00 + 12% tax = $19.04 per day. This fee includes free wi-fi and access to Canyon Ranch Spa fitness rooms.”

    Basically a way to sneak in a charge on unsuspecting customers. I’m wherever the pts + $60 room cost was shown it did not also show the nearly 33% surcharge of the resort fee?

    On Venetian’s web site when you book a room the fee is never shown in the total cost. You have to download the terms and conditions PDF file and then read it to see the additional fee.

    I know it isn’t but things like that should be illegal. A total is a total.

  3. Hi Rio,
    Thanks for the wonderful review! I am still debating between the Palazzo or the Venetian. Do you know anything about the Venetian by any chance? Are they all close to some nice buffets? Thanks!

  4. @Jeff – Palazzo rooms are newer than the Venetian rooms although I did stay at the Venetian not too long ago seems like they upgraded the interiors to be up to Palazzo standards. The Palazzo is essentially a hotel with lots of nice rooms and small casino at the bottom. Both have grand luxe cafes, venetian has a much larger casino and more food options including a food court. If you are looking for a good buffet walk across the street to the Wynn. One of the best in town.

  5. @Jeff – I did not get over to the Venetian. My sisters have stayed in both hotels and said the same thing as Mark Hsu about the Palazzo rooms being newer.

    There is no lack of buffets around these resorts.

    Green Valley is a very popular casino in Henderson just off the 215 freeway for $4.99 breakfast buffet if you find yourself heading to Lake Mead or Hoover Dam.

    Wynn does seem to me to be more of a 5-star hotel-resort ambience and there is a walkway between The Palazzo and Wynn resorts.

  6. The Venetian is a great place, I’ve never stayed there, but I’ve heard great things and the public area is pretty sweet. Venetian/Palazzo are up there, but the Wynn is a step above the rest, and the Encore is another step above the Wynn.

  7. jammanxc – I deleted the Kids with Money post. That was actually an unfinished piece that I was using to test some new software for the blog.

    It seemed to me like “Kids with Money” might give the impression there were underage drinkers at the resort and that was not what I meant to imply.

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