Marriott TravelCards 20% Off Sale 12noon ET Monday April 11

Purchase Marriott Travel Cards at 10% to 20% face value discount Monday, April 11, 2011 at DiscoverAmerica.com. The sale begins at 12 noon ET (New York time).

DiscoverAmerica.com Daily Getaways link.

  • $50 Marriott Travel Card for $44.   (Maximum purchase = 5 cards.)
  • $100 Marriott TravelCard for $89.   (Maximum purchase = 5 cards.)
  • $250 Marriott TravelCard for $222.   (Maximum purchase = 2 cards.)
  • $500 Marriott TravelCard for $445.   (Maximum purchase = 2 cards.)
  • $1,000 Marriott TravelCard for $890.   (Maximum purchase = 1 card.)
  • Get an extra 10% off purchase price for payment with any American Express card.
  • You can buy up to five $100 cards and up to five $50 cards and so on.
  • Marriott TravelCards will be delivered via U.S. mail within 10 days.

The primary advantage to Marriott TravelCards over buying Marriott Rewards points is the ability to earn hotel stay credit for points and promotions when paying for Marriott stays with Marriott TravelCards. The terms and conditions for these cards appear to have restrictions for rates and state no Marriott points earned, but in practice based on anecdotal evidence from last year’s DiscoverAmerica sale (FlyerTalk 2010 thread), the Marriott TravelCards are accepted for rates like AAA and points are earned.

There are few restrictions associated with Marriott TravelCards. The main thing is to treat the card like cash and not lose the card since it will not be replaced. Otherwise, the Marriott TravelCard value does not expire and may be used to pay for any Marriott brand hotels worldwide.

DiscoverAmerica.com Daily Getaways

A similar month-long Daily Getaways sale was offered last May 2010. Last year’s sale offered some of the greatest discounts of the year for hotel points in programs like Hyatt, Starwood, Choice and IHG points.

Last year I purchased several Daily Getaway offers for discount priced hotel loyalty points. The rates last year were actually closer to the American Express discount for this year without the need to use American Express for payment. 

These hotel discount sales are high value discounts and some items sell out quickly. You need to be ready to make a purchase at the start of the sale if you really desire one or more of these items. 

About DiscoverAmerica.com

DiscoverAmerica.com is the official travel and tourism website of the United States. The Daily Getaways are sponsored by American Express and prices are discounted by 10% when using American Express as payment. DiscoverAmerica.com has 25 days of discounted travel opportunities with a focus on hotels and car rentals through its “Daily Getaways”.

Hyatt Gold Passport points Daily Getaway offer, Friday, April 15 – 12 noon ET

Hyatt Gold Passport points are available at a significant discount through DiscoverAmerica.com ($9.38/1,000 points with American Express discount at $225 for 24,000 points) compared to the purchase price through Hyatt Gold Passport ($24/1,000 points).

Currently the first three weeks of DiscoverAmerica.com DailyGetaways offers have posted.

Week 1: April 11-15, 2011


Week 2: April 18-22, 2011


Week 3: April 25-29, 2011

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  1. thank you for ur great valuable information.
    i have question where is hyatt point thing?
    it seems like hyatt 2night something like that!!
    plz…tell me


  2. The Hyatt offers actually are buy points offers despite being advertised as 2 or 3 nights. If you buy one of the Hyatt packages you are actually buying points that are deposited into your account for whatever use you desire.

    Hyatt advertised their sale in the same way last year.

    I purchased 24,000 points and they went into my account with no restrictions to their use.

  3. Marriott $1000 TravelCard was unavailable at 12:01pm. All other cards still available.

    12:06pm = $50 cards gone. Saw availability for one $50 card twice after 12:06pm as late as 12:17pm.

    12:15pm – $100; $250 and $500 still available.

    12:22pm – $100; $250 and $500 still available in maximum quantities.

    12:30pm – $100 cards gone. Spoke too soon. They are going, but just got through for five cards, so not completely gone yet.

    12:34pm – still no problem with $250 or $500 cards.

    12:37pm – still finding sporadic availability for $100 cards. $50 and $1000 cards officially sold out according to DiscoverAmerica page. No problem yet for $250 or $500 cards.

    12:39 – just found five $100 card availability. There must be people not completing transactions since inventory is gone then returns again.

    12:45 – $100 inventory comes and goes. Still finding $100 cards, but inventory disappears and then returns.
    No problem with $250 or $500 cards.

    12:46 – two $500 cards unavailable, but one card ok. Looks like this is the next card ready to sell out.

    12:50pm – availability getting harder for $500 card. Got message of unavailable for one card for the first time.

    12:52pm – Only $250 card has not returned unavailable message yet. $100 and $500 still available, but sporadically.

    1:00pm – $250 Marriott cards still available.

    This concludes my updates.

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