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Club Carlson Hotel Rewards Analysis – Category 2 Hotels

There are 168 hotels in Club Carlson Category-2 hotel rewards list. Category-2 hotels were the largest segment of Carlson Hotels in Goldpoints Plus with 433 hotels or about 40% of 1,070 properties globally. One of the greatest shifts in Club Carlson hotel reward category assignment was the movement of hotels out of category 2 to higher categories. Club Carlson category 2 Hotels.

Of 377 hotels in the USA in category 2 prior to Club Carlson’s March 31 launch, there are 127 hotels remaining in category 2. Only 3 hotels dropped from category-2 to category-1 in Club Carlson. The other 247 hotels that were category-2 in goldpoints plus now cost more points for a reward night in Club Carlson. There are 2 hotels in Canada with Club Carlson category 2, down from 16 hotels in goldpoints plus.

The hotels currently in category 2 provide some of the best values in Club Carlson. Hotels formerly in category 2 that remain in Club Carlson category 2 have dropped in cost from 25,000 points to 15,000 points, a 40% reduction in reward night cost.

USA Category-2 Hotels

  • 127 hotels in Club Carlson category-2 compared to 377 hotels in USA before Club Carlson changes.
  • 28 states have category-2 hotels.
  • 111 Country Inns and Suites
  • 13 Radisson Hotels
  • 1 Park Plaza (Bloomington, Minnesota)
  • 2 Park Inns (Harrisburg West, Pennsylvania; Toledo, Ohio.)
  • No hotels dropped to category-2 from a higher category. (See Europe changes.)
  • 53 hotels were formerly category-1 at 15,000 points in goldpoints plus. Hotel reward cost remains the same at 15,000 points for category-2 hotel reward in Club Carlson.
  • 74 hotels were formerly category-2 at 25,000 points in goldpoints plus. These hotels now require 40% fewer points as Club Carlson category-2 rewards at 15,000 points per night.

Canada Category-2 Hotels

  • 2 hotels in Club Carlson category-2 compared to 16 hotels in Canada before changes.
  • 2 Park Inns
  • Both hotels were category-1 before and there is no change in reward cost.

Mexico, Central & South America Category-2 Hotels

  • 8 hotels in Club Carlson category 2 compared to 8 hotels before changes, but only 4 hotels are same. 
  • 6 different countries. 
  • 3 hotels were formerly category 1 and see no change in reward points.
  • Radisson Colon 2000 Resort & Casino Panama City was formerly category-3 at 30,000 points and dropped 50% to Club Carlson category-2 at 15,000 points.

Europe, Middle East and Africa Category-2 Hotels

  • 21 hotels in Club Carlson category-2 and there were 22 hotels formerly.
  • 19 of the 21 hotels were higher category hotels in goldpoints plus.
  • 10 different countries in Europe plus Egypt.
  • 12 hotels dropped from goldpoints category-3 (30,000 points) to Club Carlson category-2 (15,000 points) for a 50% reduction in reward cost.
  • 6 hotels dropped from goldpoints category-4 (40,000 points) to Club Carlson category-2 (15,000 points) for a 63% reduction in reward cost.
  • 1 hotel, Park Inn Island Reykjavik, dropped from goldpoints category-5 (50,000 points) to Club Carlson category-2 (15,000 points) for a 70% reduction in reward cost.

Asia-Pacific Category-2 Hotels

  • 10 hotels in China, India, Nepal and Thailand
  • 3 hotels were formerly category-1 and no change in reward cost at 15,000 points.
  • 5 hotels were formerly category-2 (25,000 points) and reward cost dropped 40%.
  • 2 hotels were formerly category-3 (30,000 points) and reward cost dropped 50%.

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