New Park Hyatt Maldives and InterContinental Alliance Resorts in Las Vegas for points

Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa officially rebranded April 1 from the formerly independent Alila Villas Hadahaa Resort. This is the first Hyatt in the Maldives, a chain of 1,200 coral islands in the Indian Ocean southwest of India. The Hyatt press release states the hotel is located just south of the equator, yet every map I have seen including Hyatt’s own hotel location map shows Huvadhoo Atoll just north of the equator and Hadahaa island at Latitude 0⁰, 30 N.  Atoll is a word derived from the Maldives language according to Webster. Hyatt’s press release reminds me of the 1969 film Krakatoa, East of Java. Krakatoa is actually an island west of Java in the country of Indonesia.

Park Hyatt Maldives rates look to start around $1,000 per night and increase to $1,200+ for a pool villa. 13.5% tax is additional. Dan of Dan’s Deals states Gold Passport Diamond confirmed suite upgrades will not be accepted at the Maldives property.

At 22,000 points for a category 6 reward night this hotel gives great point value. Hyatt points are worth about $50 per 1,000 for this Maldives vacation. Free nights saves money for all the other expenses of a trip to the Maldives which some guests who have actually been there estimate at $400 to $800 per day for meals, drinks and an activity or two.


Las Vegas Resorts The Venetian and The Palazzo officially are now hotel partners of IHG Priority Club in a new type of IHG brand called InterContinental Alliance Resorts. Priority Club members earn 2,000 points per stay and reward nights are 40,000 points per night. InterContinental Ambassador benefits apply to stays.

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  1. “Is it too tacky to pack a week’s worth of packaged foods?” PLEASE TELL ME YOU ARE JOKING? 🙂

  2. Do you know when the IC/Venetian partnership started? Was it today, 4/1? I stayed there last week, checking out 3/28 – figures.

  3. @BostonFlyer – Free nights supposedly apply according to information from the Points Guy who tried a dummy booking with free nights. I do not recall reading any news of Marriott/Ritz-Carlton projects in Bora Bora.

    @Dave – FlyerTalk thread indicated the partnership started today.

    @Phil – Not really joking. My wife has no desire to go to Maldives and personally I can get by on daily Diamond member breakfast supplemented with some dried fruit and nuts. Swimming, photography and writing fill my beach resort days.

    Despite several 5-star hotel stays a year, I still live on a blogger 1-star budget.

  4. @Ric – you certainly beat me on the frugal front. Actually we went for the diving and the (already included) breakfast along with the very hearty snacks (sandwiches, fruits) provided on the dives meant we did not need or eat much for dinner. But we still run up a pretty hefty bill. But yes, for a place like this, if you are asking, I think it is too tacky 🙂 Also if your wife has no desire to go it’s a long way to go just for a nice beach. I think you can find as nice a beach elsewhere in the world closer to home. You CANNOT find diving as good as this Atoll anywhere remotely close to the USA.

  5. @Phil – I guess I could always hit up Hyatt for some complimentary food seeing as I am a world famous blogger who can promote the hotel :).

    I guess I should clarify that I am not a frugal J. Paul Getty type, but frugal due to actual monetary limitations of my self-employment life choice.

    Close to home is Carmel Beach over the hill four miles away. White sand and sun with no humidity.

  6. @Ric – then with all due respect I am not sure this is a place to go. You are one to two hours by boat away from the nearest airport, which is a strip, and then another 1 hour flight and then 10 minute boat ride to a city that has supplies. So food is not going to be cheap, and not sure you are going to get best reception asking for free food. They do have travel agents come stay for free though, but then it’s easier to equate that directly to revenue than a blog, especially when the blogs in general are there to tell you how to get there for free 🙂

  7. We were just there and the food cost was totally tolerable. Free breakfast for Hilton Diamonds and then dinner at Rangali bar for about $30 was well worth it to be in paradise.

    Brought some Costco trail max in my suitcase just in case! 🙂

  8. @Phil – I think if you read some of Ric’s earlier posts, you’ll realize that he was most likely joking when suggesting that he could ask for free food as a blogger.

    As for food — I certainly don’t need three big/expensive meals a day. Free Diamond breakfast, some snacks, and then a reasonable dinner should suffice. It’s not like I stuff myself with 4000+ calories/day when I am at home.

  9. I was actually joking about asking Hyatt for free food.

    A travel agent books a few hundred hotel trips a year while Loyalty Traveler blog gets over 30,000 readers each month. I imagine there is some real revenue impact on hotels from this blog that is a little difficult to quantify.

    Although I am not a travel agent, Jeff Zidell, Hyatt VP invited me to lunch last year and actually picked up the tab, so this blogger is not a complete unknown in hotel loyalty world.

    I have no plans to go to Maldives in the next year unless some hotel or airline or tourist board wants to sponsor my trip.

    I have deleted the taking food to Maldives line from this post to focus attention back on the beautiful vacation resort.

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