Hyatt 2011-Q2 Bonus Points promotion starts April 1

Hyatt Gold Passport announced their 2011-Q2 promotion offer is 10,000 bonus points after 5 nights and 5,000 bonus points for every additional 2 nights during the promotion period that runs from April 1 through June 30, 2011. All Hyatt brand hotels worldwide are participating. 

This Hyatt promotion is capped at 60,000 bonus points after 25 eligible nights during the promotion period. 

Promotion registration link goes live March 31 at The web address currently shows a Hyatt Page Not Found message. Do not expect to find much info or terms and conditions for this promotion until the link goes live. The promotion summary I have provided here is based on emails from Hyatt Hotels Public Relations sent to Loyalty Traveler. 

Repeat: You can’t register for this promotion offer until March 31. The link is not live yet.


Here is a Loyalty Traveler promotion analysis similar to what I posted on FlyerTalk today. 

Some promotions favor extended stays and some favor one nighters.

This is not a deal like Faster Free Nights where 10 one-nighters earn 5 free nights anywhere.

Hyatt might have shelved that promotion for good now that they are playing in the big league of bank card points.

This promotion is certainly a good value offer for a person with extended stays.

Assume 3 or 4 hotel stays of 3 or 4 nights each at $100 or even $200 per night during the three month promotion period. This is the typical business conference stay. The room rate does not really matter since I’ll focus the analysis only on the promotion bonus points.

11 nights at Hyatt brand hotels earns 25,000 bonus points.  Earn 10,000 points after 5 nights and another 15,000 bonus points after an additional 6 nights.

25,000 points buys:

  • 1 night at any Hyatt Gold passport category 6 hotel in the world (22,000)
  • 2 nights at category 3 hotels (2 x 12,000)
  • 3 nights at category 2 hotels (3 x 8,000)
  • 5 nights at category 1 hotels (5 x 5,000) 

Comparing free nights earned at the low end where a Hyatt category 1 hotel (19% of all Hyatts) requires 5,000 points for a free night, the value of 25,000 bonus points after 11 nights is equivalent to:

  • 50,000 Marriott points (5 nights x 10,000 points for Marriott Category 2) or
  • 62,500 Hilton points (5 nights x 12,500 points for HHonors category 2) or
  • 18,000 Starwood points (2 nights x 3,000 weekend category 2 + 3 nights x 4,000 weekday cat 2).

I use category 2 hotels rather than category 1 hotels to compare Marriott, Starwood and Hilton to Hyatt category 1. My reasoning is based on the low percentage of category 1 hotels in these respective chains compared to Hyatt. Marriott has about 6% hotels worldwide in category 1 (about 200 hotels), SPG is 2% (24 hotels); Hilton is 1% (about 40 hotels) while Hyatt is 19% in category 1 (86 hotels).

At the high end of hotel rewards, 25,000 bonus points after 11 Hyatt nights is sufficient for one night at any Hyatt category 6 hotel worldwide (22,000 points). This is equivalent to:

  • 1 night for a Marriott category 8 at 40,000 or Ritz-Carlton tier 3 at 50,000 points.
  • 1 night at Hilton HHonors 50,000 points for a category 7 or Waldorf Astoria 60,000 points high season award, or
  • 1 night at a Starwood category 6 at 20,000 points or 25,000 points peak season or even Starwood category 7 at 30,000 points.

Are you going to earn that many points with 11 nights at Marriott, Hilton or SPG during this Hyatt promotion time period?

Not unless these other hotel loyalty programs step up their promotions from the current offers!

And remember this analysis is based on 11 nights while the earning limit is 60,000 bonus points after 25 nights.  There is a lot of points earning opportunity in this promotion for the one-night hotel hoppers or the extended stay business and vacation guests.

I give this Hyatt Gold Passport promotion a 4-key offer for frequent guests.

About Ric Garrido

Ric Garrido of Monterey, California started Loyalty Traveler in 2006 for traveler education on hotel and air travel, primarily using frequent flyer and frequent guest loyalty programs for bargain travel. Loyalty Traveler joined in 2008.

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  1. Phil – I rank some promotions on a 5-key scale. It could be diamonds or stars or whatever, but I chose keys in a hotel theme kind of way.

    I maintain a Blog Page on this blog “Current Hotel Loyalty Promtions”. The link is at the top right of the page.

    Loyalty Traveler ranks the consumer value of hotel loyalty promotions on a Five Key Scale.

    Five Keys = one of the best hotel loyalty promotions of the year.

    Four Keys = high value rebate on the cost of hotel stays.

    Three Keys = good value hotel loyalty promotion or rate offer

    Two Keys = a bonus value if you play, but not necessarily worth going out of your way.

    One Key = There is limited or no value. You are likely paying more than the bonus value.

    The Current Hotel Loyalty Promotions page has more information on the factors I consider in making a key rating.

    @Kay – One of the factors I consider when making key ratings is what promotions other programs are offering. At this point Hyatt has the best deal going and we have to wait and see what other hotel chains will offer.

    The industry news indicates this is a year when hotels plan to play hardball with rates and discounts. Hotel loyalty promotions are a form of discount.

    The high cost of gas may change the travel picture and motivate some good promotions for summer hotel travel, but for now I am seeing very little activity on the hotel loyalty promotion front.

    3-keys might be a fair evaluation of Hyatt’s promotion.

    I certainly see high value in a promotion that gives one free night at a category 1 hotel (5,000 points) for every two nights at any Hyatt. That can be plenty of free airport hotel stays this year.

  2. I think it’s really silly, heck, even unprofessional to announce a sign-up URL and then not even have a placeholder page online. Why is it so hard for Hyatt (and yes, I am looking at you, too, Hilton) to have the sign-up page available when the promo is announced? It’s not like they start coding the page from scratch for each promo.

  3. Ric, as always thanks for your analysis. Have you factored into account the fact that G-bonuses have now been taken away from almost all Hyatt hotels worldwide? Whereas previously these would add 1500-2000 bonus points per stay (making it a better value proposition for the shorter stays), they are now gone. This promotion in essence is but a marginal improvement on no promotion with G bonuses (assuming shorter stays, once again).

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