See Manhattan from Sheraton Lincoln Harbor

Marvel at the New York City skyline from the Sheraton Lincoln Harbor Hotel in Weehawken, New Jersey. Great views of Manhattan is the most prevalent comment in guest reviews on

Sheraton Lincoln Harbor Hotel has a limited time offer to celebrate the completion of an $18 million renovation. This all suite hotel offers a special rate Thursday through Sunday for $218 the first night and $18 for the second night for stays through August 31, 2011. This works out to about $135 per night after tax for two nights. A Thursday through Sunday stay can be made with 2nd and 4th nights discounted to $18. Bookings must be made by March 7 for this limited time offer rate. Another great feature of this rate is the ability to cancel up to day before arrival with no penalty.

Promotion code 18LTO. Reservations must be made by phone at 866-716-8115.


A four night stay offers over 50% discount on lowest AAA rates.

Regular rates run as low as $160.65 AAA on a few select dates over the next three months. Most dates are over $200 per night after tax.

I booked four nights at the 18LTO rate for a Thursday through Monday at $218 for Thursday night ($250.70 after tax) and $18 per night for second, third and fourth nights ($20.70 after tax).

Update March 1, 12:45pm PST: Yesterday I was told by reservations that the 2nd, 3rd and 4th night were all $18 per night rates. Today the story changed to only the 2nd and 4th night. My reservation confirmation only showed the $218 rate for every night and the adjustment was to be made at the hotel.

Sheraton reservations seems kind of confused too about the terms of this special offer. The deal went from being a high value discount to just a good value discount.

I canceled my reservation today.


Total cost after tax on a four night stay = $542.80 or $135.70 per night.

The AAA discount rate for these same four nights in April = $817.20 after tax. Savings = $274.40 on a four-night stay in April. Rates in July drop as low as $700 all-in for four weekend nights with AAA rates making the savings less significant.

Ferry Service to Manhattan

That kind of hotel rate savings buys a lot of ferry tickets for transportation to and from Manhattan at about $8.50 each way for an adult non-discount fare.

The Lincoln Harbor Ferry Service operates right outside the hotel door with Monday through Friday transportation to Midtown Manhattan on a six-minute ferry ride. The hotel provides complimentary transportation to the Port Imperial Ferry Service one mile from the hotel for weekend travel to Midtown Manhattan from 8am until after midnight. Ferry tickets include complimentary connecting bus service to several downtown Manhattan locations.

Here is a photo from Sheraton Lincoln Harbor website showing New York City skyline.

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  1. Isn’t it $218 then $18 then $218 then $18. The detailed rate quote I got was “First night at $218, second night at $18.please use rate schedule 18lto2 for 2nd and 4th night rates. “

  2. Note: I just got a hotel confirming the rate of 218 for the first and third nights, with 18 for the second and fourth.


  3. Apparently you saved me some money Brian.

    Yesterday I specifically asked if every additional night was $18. I received a similar affirmative response today when I called to check and then when I pressed the issue after a long pause the story changed to being just the 2nd and 4th night.

    I think Sheraton is a bit confused on their own promotion.

    I cancelled my reservation.

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