Choice Privileges 8,000 points or $50 gas card for 2 stays March 3 to May 4, 2011

Choice Privileges spring promotion allows members to earn 8,000 points after two hotel stays between March 3 and May 4, 2011. This promotion also lets members redeem 8,000 points earned after two stays for a free $50 gas card through July 31, 2011. Normally a $50 gas card requires 16,000 Choice Privileges points.

Choice Hotels is currently at 11 hotel brands:

  1. Comfort Inn
  2. Comfort Suites
  3. Quality Inn and Suites
  4. Sleep Inn
  5. Clarion
  6. Cambria Suites
  7. Ascend Collection
  8. MainStay Suites
  9. Suburban
  10. EconoLodge
  11. Rodeway Inn

There are several fine print details to this offer.

All Choice Hotels brands participate, but stays at EconoLodge and Rodeway Inn economy brands or MainStay Suites and Suburban extended stay brands only qualify for the two-stay 8,000 points with individual stays of two or more consecutive nights. This sort of makes sense since these brands earn points at 50% the rate ( 5 points/$1) of other Choice Hotels brands (10 points/$1).

  • Members who do not register for this offer may earn the bonus only one (1) time for one $50 gas card.
  • Members who register for this offer may earn the bonus two (2) times for two $50 gas cards.
  • Choice Privileges Elite Platinum and Elite Diamond members may earn this bonus up to five (5) times for five $50 gas cards.

Loyalty Traveler analysis:

Choice Privileges promotions are different from most hotel loyalty promotions in that the total points earned will be 8,000 points after two stays, regardless if your two hotel stays cost $140 or $770.

Earning Example 1 is based on $140 in hotel spend.

 Assume one $80 stay at Clarion Hotel and one $60 stay at Comfort Inn = $140.

$140 earns 1,400 Choice Privileges base points. Member will receive 6,600 bonus points for 8,000 total points after two stays.

Earning example 2 is based on $770 in hotel spend.

Assume one $420 6-night stay ($70/night) at MainStay Suites = 2,100 points ($420 x 5 points/$1)

Assume one 5-night stay for $350 at Quality Inn ($70/night) = 3,500 points ($350 x 10 points/$1).

Member earns 5,600 base points from these two stays and receives 2,400 bonus points to reach 8,000 total points for two qualifying stays.

Despite the member staying 11 nights in two stays and spending five times the hotel spend in the second earning example, the total points earned is the same 8,000 points as the member earns who stays two nights at two hotels for $140. This makes Choice Privileges promotions a good hit-and-run deal for the not-so-loyal Choice Privileges member.

Keep the Points or Redeem for Gas Cards

Choice Privileges members may either keep the points or redeem 8,000 points for a $50 gas card. This promotion offers $50 gas cards for half the points. The $50 gas card normally requires 16,000 points. The discounted gas cards are available until July 31, 2011 to members who earned points through this promotion.

You are not required to redeem your points for gas cards. Hotel rewards start at 6,000 points and the Choice Privileges website actually provides a list of hotels at 8,000 points or less. (Is this a new website feature? I do not recall seeing it before.)

You may find better redemption value by using 8,000 points for a free hotel night rather than a $50 gas card.

Choice Gas Card Promotion Registration link.

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