Priority Club Dining Shoot for 5000 Bonus

Priority Club Dining has a Shoot for 5000 Bonus offer for 1,000 points after every $100 in dining credits during February and March 2011. This bonus may be earned up to five times for 5,000 bonus points with $500 total spend. Dining charges are cumulative so you do not need to spend $100 at one place.

Credit for this promotion only begins after Shoot for 5000 Bonus registration.

New enrollees to Priority Club Dining program earn 500 bonus points.

How Priority Club Dining Works

Enroll in the Priority Club Dining program and register a credit or debit card and provide an email address for online membership.

Dine at a participating restaurant and pay using your registered credit or debit card.

Members earn 5 points for every $1 spent at participating restaurants.

Make 12 qualified transactions in a calendar year and you attain elite level in the Priority Club Dining program. Priority Club Dining Elite members earn 8 points per $1.

Points are earned for total dining charges including tax and tip.

Participating Restaurants

Washington, D.C. has 228 participating restaurants within a 30 mile radius of the city.

Chicago has 294 restaurants within 30 miles of the city.

Atlanta has 213 restaurants with 30 miles.

Thousands of restaurants across the U.S. and Canada participate in Priority Club Dining. Most restaurants offer points for dining any day of the week.

The website allows you to filter restaurant search and not show restaurants ineligible for points on that day. These are not necessarily fine dining places with many sandwich shops and cafes offering meals at under $10. There is also information on restaurant popularity among members.

Priority Club Dining Restaurants search display


Loyalty Traveler analysis:

New Member enrollee = 500 points

$500 dining spend = 2,500 (or up to 4,000 points for elite members)

$500 dining spend by March 31 = 5,000 bonus points

Shoot for 5000 Bonus may be an easily attainable 8,000 Priority Club points for someone who eats out frequently. Plus you may earn more miles and points from your credit card spend depending on the card you register for the Priority Club Dining program.

Double Points Bonuses

Some restaurants also offer double points. The list is small. Currently only 21 restaurants.

Double credit is 10 points per $1 for up to $600 per month.  Or 16 points per dollar for a Priority Club Dining elite member. 10,000 Priority Club points can be a good value rebate for for some high spend dining.

Priority Club Dining Shoot for 5000 Bonus may be an easily attainable bonus for someone who eats out frequently.

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