Hotel Loyalty 2011 Q1 promotions

Two goldpoints promotion nights = one free night

Goldpoints plus has two promotions offering 10,000 bonus points for as little as a one night stay. Try Radisson Business Class for 10,000 bonus points and stay one night at Country Inn Sun-Thur for 10,000 bonus points. Together the bonuses will earn over 25,000 points for two paid nights. 25,000 points are redeemable for a free night at any one of hundreds of hotels globally.

Radisson Hotels ‘Experience the World of Business Class’ offer from January 20 – February 28 is a hotel room upsell sweetened with a 10,000 bonus points promotion.  This offer appears to only be valid for US and Canada. The 10,000 points Business Class bonus may only be earned one time during the promotion. These rates show up in a regular search of hotels.

Rate code for Radisson Business Class 10K bonus is WORQ111.

What is Radisson Business Class?

Radisson Business Class is an interesting value-added concept that reminds me of United Airlines Economy Plus, but with more benefits.

Radisson Business Class value-added amenities:

  • Upgraded room (most likely one category room upgrade, but goldpoints elites might even do better; value depends on prevailing hotel rates.)
  • Breakfast for one for each night of stay
  • One drink voucher per night (LT estimate = $4 to $5 value)
  • 1,000 bonus goldpoints per night (LT estimate $4 to $8 value depending on redemption choices)
  • Complimentary internet (Curiously internet is not listed as a benefit in the details of the 10K promotion rate, yet internet is a standard benefit normally with Business Class rate? I assume it is still included in this 10K special offer.)
  • Additional $15 to $20 per night on room rate adds one daily breakfast, one daily drink, additional robe/slippers, and one daily bottle of water (if you are traveling as two guests).

Loyalty Traveler Analysis

Sample rates I checked for several hotels indicate this offer is $30 to $60 more than lowest rate available.  I wrote about the Radisson Business Class package in September 2010 for a $5 upgrade to Business Class special offer.

Radisson Hotel San Francisco Airport, Wednesday January 26

King Bed – basic room  = $149 or $166.97 after tax, (Jan 24 penalty-free cancellation policy).

  • Goldpoints plus points = 1,000 online booking bonus + 2,980 base points for $149 rate = 3,980 points.
  • Radisson Hotel stays earn 20 base points/$1 hotel spend. 

Experience Business Class Rate = $199 or $223.00 after tax. (Jan 24 penalty-free cancellation policy)

  • Goldpoints plus points = 1,000 online booking bonus + 3,980 base points for $199 rate + 11,000 bonus points for Business Class rate and promo = 15,980 points.

You pay $56 more for 11,000 additional points, breakfast and drink, internet and a room upgrade.

The room rates at Radisson SFO indicate a Bay view is a $15 add-on and Executive Tower room is $20 more than the basic King.

Room upgrade ($15) + breakfast ($15) + drink ($4) + 11,000 bonus points ($44-$88) = $78 to $118 added value for an additional $56. The value of points is variable and ultimately depends on your redemption choices when you spend points.

Loyalty Traveler plan for one free night after two paid nights in February 2011

Country Inn & Suites Ontario, California “COUNTRY” rate = $89.00: Thursday Jan 27

Country Inn & Suites stays earn 15 base points/$1.

1,335 base points + 1,000 booking bonus + 10,000 promotion bonus = 12,335 points for this night.

Radisson San Jose, California Business Class rate = $120.00 room rate: Friday Jan 28

Points earned for one night stay:

2,400 base points + 1,000 booking + 10,000 promotion bonus + 1,000 Business Class amenity points = 14,400 points for this night

  • Total room rate spend for two nights = $209.00
  • Total Points Earned for two paid nights = 26,735 goldpoints
  • Free night: goldpoints plus category 2 reward night = 25,000 points 

55% to 67% hotel spend rebate

  • Radisson Hotel Los Angeles West Side (goldpoints category 2 hotel): Wednesday March 16
  • $138.60 AAA room rate on Jan 22 search, but also $115.50 advance purchase nonrefundable rate.

This hotel stay example shows two paid nights in San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley and LA area in January can earn one free night in Los Angeles at the Radisson Westside for midweek in March.

A free $140 room on $209 spend  is a 67% rebate.

Bottom line:

Loyalty Traveler rated 4-key offer

Combine Radisson Business Class 10K with Country Inn 10 K promotion for January/February 2011.

These two 10K bonus offers combined allow a goldpoints member with no points to earn 25,000 to 30,000 total points after with just two paid nights at a Radisson and a Country Inn & Suites.

Goldpointsplus Free night hotel category links:

Free night redemption at category 1 to 3 hotels will likely be $100 to $250 room night savings.

The total cost for a night at both a Radisson Hotel and a Country Inn is in the range of $200 to $300 for many hotels around the US and Canada.

Play these promotions right and you will get 50% to 100% rebate value on your free night after just two paid nights at Country Inn and Radisson.

Country Inn 10,000 Goldpoints for One Night Jan 2 – Feb 17, Loyalty traveler post Dec 31.

Radisson Hotels – Experience the World of Business Class webpage


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