Hilton HHonors – Just Go With It to Hawaii Sweepstakes

Hilton HHonors “Just Go With It” sweepstakes offers U.S. members the opportunity to win a trip for 4 to Hawaii including 5 nights at the Waldorf Astoria Grand Wailea Resort in Maui and 4 nights at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Oahu. The prize includes economy airfare from your home airport to Hawaii and inter-island economy flights.

Grand Prize: Approximate retail value = $31,659

  • 1,000,000 HHonors points
  • Roundtrip airfare to Hawaii and interisland flights between hotels
  • $10,000 Hilton Worldwide Gift Card
  • $5,000 check
  • 5 nights for 4 persons in 2 rooms at Waldorf Astoria Grand Wailea, Maui
  • 4 nights for 4 persons in 2 rooms at Hilton Hawaiian Village, Oahu

10 First Prizes: Approximate retail value = $3,500

  • 500,000 HHonors points
  • $1,000 Gift Card

HHonors members receive one entry with promotion registration.

Note to readers: This is a Hilton HHonors contest and is in no way related to Loyalty Traveler blog. I am only sharing information. Be sure to register for Hilton ‘Just Go with It’ sweepstakes by clicking link in first sentence of this blog post.

Two Ways to Earn Additional Sweepstakes Entries

Members will receive one additional entry for each Hilton brand hotel night stayed between January 18 through March 31, 2011.

You can also earn additional entries by submitting a handwritten 3 x 5 card with requested information as detailed in the sweepstakes rules.

HHonors Just Go With It Sweepstakes Jan 18 - March 31, 2011

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  1. I won a 50,000 ClickRewards points sweepstakes in 2000.

    I converted these into 50,000 Starwood Points and redeemed for $2,000 in hotel nights.

    ClickRewards was my all-time favorite marketing points program and I earned tens of thousands of Starpoints through their program in 1999-2001.

  2. Im a stay at home mom with two children, my name is mickey ellis i’ve been married for 19 years and our anniversary is coming up and i’ve never been on a honey moon, this trip will be the ultimate for us, the changes of our jobs such as my husbands we lost our home but found a new one we need this trip and this would be a delight! to get away from it all 🙂

  3. Here is my story on why I think I should win. My 19 yr old step daughter died 2yrs ago of a 4 yr long battle with cancer. Her Dad is having a very hard time with this as that was his only child. Clark my husbund was in the construction business for 20 plus yrs and over the yrs he hurt his back so much that he can’t do that anymore and has been going to school for almost 2 yrs straight and will graduate in June.
    We so need a vacay please pick us!!!!!


  5. my husband and i have been married 45 years and we never had money to go anywhere raising our family.we just found out last week he is going blind,his sister already is mostly blind.they have magulate generation,his mother also had it but died before it really made her blind.i would love to take my husband and grandkids and enjoy ourselves,we dont see them much and really have as good as time as 66 year old people have.thank you very much for your time.

  6. After 15 ys of marriage my wife got cancer,and died 1 yr later had to sell everything just to pay the bills,that was 1997 today Im 62 (almost homeless)sure could use a real vacation

  7. I know what you mean John. My wife had cancer two years ago and she received nine months of medical treatment. She seems well now, but the fear is always there that cancer may return.

    The financial impact is hard to bear. Needless to say the emotional impact can be even harder.

    I wish you well.

  8. Susan – I just can’t think snow.

    It has been beautiful weather here in Monterey for two weeks now with daily highs in the 60s and flirting with 70s.

    I pruned the geraniums yesterday even though they were loaded with pretty flowers.

    Now Hawaii I can think.

  9. My story is short sweet and simple. Every since I was old enough to know what and where Hawaii was I knew in my heart that some day before I die I will go there. When I purchased the People magazine I opened it to the very first page of the chance to win article and knew I had to enter. It was my “Ought OH” moment. Please make my childhood and last wish on this earth come true.

  10. Have been to your property soem time ago and love it .Now that I’m getting older I would love to just go.
    Keep my name close , so it will be picked

  11. My husband and I have never been on vacation, or a honeymoon..kids always come first!!! 🙂 I can dream can’t I?! Oh what a dream this would be!!!

  12. My husband and I spent our honeymoon in Hawaii and we
    would love to go back there, we have such wonderful
    memories and it would be wonderful if we could go back
    in time.

  13. Hi I’d like to enter the Hawail giveaway. I’m 55 year old disable person living on disablity. I would love take my son and grandkids on this vacation it would be a dream come true. I would just be great to do something great for them. I’s been a long time that we gone on a vacation.

    thank you

  14. Would Love this ! Iv’e never been to Hawaii. This would be the adventure of my life that is for sure. My Husband and sons would love this. Feb.2,2011

  15. Back in 1977, my first engagment was ended in Hawall. I was 20 yrs old and had dated my very 1st love and very best friend, since the age of 16.Long story short I got my bestfriend back after some 35 years,and he now holds the title of husband,since 9-18-10. What a way to thank my lucky coconuts.As Donkey would say pick me! PICK ME1

  16. I would like to win this trip for my birthday in March also for my husband and I to finally have our honeymoon that we never had since we’ve been married for 20 years!

  17. Granddaughter Sophie Dolera lives there and will graduate in 2.5 years. She attends King Kamayamaya school. We would love so much to surprise her and celebrate the occasion with her and family.

  18. Our granddaughter lives in Hi. We have not seen her in 7 years. She will graduate in 2.5 years, We would like the opportunity to surprise and celebrate with her and family.

  19. We have not been on vacation going on five years, we helped our daughter get a home, she was a single mom, since has gotten engaged. We made sacrifices so our granddaughter could have a home.


  20. My husband and I have not taken a vacation going on five years, reason being our daughter was a single mom, so we helped her with a home, sacrificing vacations. this would be a nice oportunity for us to get a break. But if not hopefully someone who needs will get.


  22. i know there are so many people that would love to win and maybe are more qualified than i am

    my husband died a 1 and 1/2 ago we were married 42 and a half years wanting to go to Hawaii

    i am alone as our kids live in Ohio and Florida we talked about going to Hawaii so many times

    i just feel there is nothing anymore without him if i won he would be there with me at least in my heart

    i am 63

    Thank you and God Bless

  23. I want to go back to Hawaii because my husband died November of 2009 of leukemia, and he saved and saved to go to hawaii, and we really enjoyed it and wanted to go back where we made all those wonderfull memories..

  24. just go with it!my friend & fiance were talkin about plans for a wedding. they mentioned honeymoons &places to vist virgin islands. i thot that hawaii would be a nice place.

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