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Priority Club Points & Cash Rewards are now $40 to buy 5,000 points

IHG Priority Club made a change to their Points & Cash Rewards yesterday with an increase from $30 to $40 to buy 5,000 points. The price for 10,000 points remains unchanged at $60.

Priority Club Points & Cash reward nights allow the member to purchase in advance either 5,000 points or 10,000 points at a discount rate for a reward night booking. Now it is a more expensive rate to buy 5,000 points at $8 per 1,000 points compared to 10,000 points at $6 per 1,000 points for a Priority Club Points & Cash reward night.

The primary negative effect this has is on the 200 or so Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express Hotels that are normally 10,000 points for a free night. These properties only offer $40 + 5,000 points for a Points & Cash reward night, effectively increasing the cost of each reward night by $10.

The choice to buy 10,000 points for $60 is obviously the better deal now and will encourage members to buy more points from Priority Club.

Will the price for 10,000 points go up anytime soon?

Price Increase from $30 to $40 for Priority Club Points & Cash Reward Night


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