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Instant Priority Club Platinum Status – New Member’s Opportunity?

Here is one of those promotional offers that run across the internet like a mistake fare. Priority Club sent out a targeted offer in several countries for instant Priority Club Platinum status for new enrollees. The offer has been posted on FlyerTalk and SlickDeals and a variety of other “deals” websites.

US code http://www.priorityclub.com/NP10A (instant Platinum elite for a full year. Plus US$25 Priority Club Any Hotel, Anywhere reward card after 5 nights.)

UK code www.priorityclub.com/NP10B (instant Platinum elite for a full year. Plus 75GBP Priority Club Hotels Any Hotel, Anywhere reward card after 15 nights)

Germany code http://www.priorityclub.com/NP10J (instant Platinum elite for a full year. Plus 25€ Priority Club Hotels Any Hotel, Anywhere reward card after 5 nights.)

Loyalty Traveler Analysis: Promotion Gone Wild

This Priority Club instant Platinum elite offer is the loyalty program equivalent of YouTube ‘gone viral’!

FlyerTalk “Odd offer in the post this morning” thread started Saturday, November 13.

Priority Club Insider “Platinum opportunity for new joiners” November 13

MilesQuest BoardingArea blogger “Priority Club Platinum Status for new enrollees after 5 nights” November 13

One Mile at a Time BoardingArea blogger “New members: Priority Club Platinum Status after five stays” November 14

SlickDeals.net “Complimentary Priority Club Platinum Elite membership for a full year. Plus, stay 5 nights and earn $25” November 15 about 6 hours ago. (110 comments in Hot Deals forum already.)


Priority Club Platinum Elite

Priority Club Platinum is the top-tier level above Gold. Platinum elite benefits include 50% bonus points and potential complimentary upgrades.

Priority Club Platinum Benefits

Will Priority Club let new members who were not targeted keep their Platinum status?

If you are truly a new member to Priority Club, then you have little to lose and potentially plenty to gain by trying your luck at a new Priority Club instant Platinum elite membership. Earning the Hotels Anywhere gift card should be an easy task too.

Priority Club has the highest value hotel loyalty promotion currently running through December 31, 2010 for one free hotel stay at any hotel worldwide (except Asia) after every two hotel stays at any Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn Express, Staybridge Suites, Candlewood Suites, Hotel Indigo or InterContinental Hotel worldwide (except Asia).  You can earn a maximum of five free nights.

50% bonus points are the primary assured benefit of Priority Club Platinum elite status. Spend $100 at a Holiday Inn and you earn 1,500 points with 1,000 Priority Club points + 500 Platinum elite points (50% elite bonus).

The Priority Club Sweet Dilemma free night after two stays promotion terms state free nights are in lieu of any base points or bonus points during your hotel stays so Platinum elite will not earn additional points for the Priority Club member earning free nights through the remainder of 2010. You can also earn double points or miles which is the meaning behind the promotion name Sweet Dilemma. In this case you would earn 2,500 points after $100 hotel spend with 1,000 Priority Club base points + 1,000 bonus points (Double points) + 500 Platinum elite points.

Forget the double bonus points and go for free nights for the higher value choice for most Priority Club members. Your platinum elite status will not earn you more points for the remainder of 2010, but you do have the potential for complimentary room upgrades. Impress your friends over the holidays with your deluxe digs.

My Sweet Dilemma

I generally avoid posting about hotel mistake fares due to the impact on an individual hotel of hundreds of reservations flooding in over the course of a couple of hours due to an internet rate entry mistake. I am a small business owner and I dread the impact of a rate glitch in terms of the labor hours to rectify something never meant to happen.

On the other hand, I am a long-time FlyerTalker who has flown to Europe for under $100 on mistake fares and I have booked suites for $15 per night.

On this Priority Club instant Platinum elite offer the word is already widespread across the web, so I am sharing the information. Let your moral compass decide whether you want to take advantage of this offer.

Two possible outcomes I foresee:

  1. You receive Priority Club Platinum elite membership instantly and hold your newly granted elite status through December 2011. From Priority Club Rewards Member Guide: “Once a member attains an Elite level, it will remain in effect through the end of the subsequent calendar year.”  Enjoy your hotel stays and the benefits of the Priority Club program. My Loyalty Traveler analyst sentiment is Priority Club is the hotel loyalty program of 2010. These IHG people are working hard to attract hotel loyalty members and free nights in Priority Club rival Hyatt Gold Passport for ease of earning.
  2. Your Priority Club Platinum elite membership is changed to a general membership when Priority Club decides too many people took advantage of a promotion gone viral.


  • Gene November 15, 2010

    Priority Club Platinum is not worth much, so I don’t think Priority Club really cares if everyone in the world signs up for this promotion.

  • […] Priority Club Platinum members get 25% off all food & beverage at hotel. Not Platinum? Check out this offer. Additional bonus at this hotel is complimentary shuttle to LAS from 7am to 10pm seven days per […]

  • Erndog January 16, 2011

    The language in this is confusing – the promo banner states that you retain the plat status after 5 nights, the “fine print” in the T&C on the IHG websites says 5 “stays”, which can be different than “nights” . . . confusing

  • Ric Garrido January 17, 2011

    I see what you mean about the T&C stating 5 stays to earn $25 card. The main promotion print clearly states 5 nights to earn the $25 card.

    5 nights should be fine.

  • Dave May 27, 2011

    Platinum is worth while. I just reserved a “standard room” I called my dedicated toll free number and asked to see if a king was available. I was assured that I would be given a King room due to my platinum status… So you be the judge.

  • Ric Garrido May 27, 2011

    I have received complimentary breakfast and internet at several Crowne Plaza hotels as a Priority Club Platinum member and three weeks ago a full one bedroom suite upgrade at a Holiday Inn on a $64 rate.

  • Scott M. September 1, 2011

    This offer seems to be still available, if indirectly. I responded to an offer for 80,000 PC points for signing up for a PC Visa Signature credit card. Within a few days of making my first purchase, I received an email saying congratulations on achieving Platinum status. Confused at first, I then realized that the points immediately put me over the 60k threshold for platinum.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Ric Garrido September 1, 2011

    Earning 60,000 points in Priority Club in a calendar year by any means except Points & Cash award purchases earns Platinum elite membership.

    Elite status goes through the following year. Earn 60,000 points in 2011 and you are Platinum through 2012.

    I achieved Platinum this year when I received 91,000? points from Crack the Case promotion and I am set for next year. The PC credit card bonus for 60,000 or 80,000 points also qualifies member for Platinum when the bonus points post.

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