Priority Club Anywhere Challenge Game for Points

Priority Club launched Anywhere Challenge this week, an online game offering chances at bonus points for correctly identifying a location based on pictures and short clues. The game runs through October 29.  There are daily prizes from Tuesday through Friday for 500 points to 2,000 points. Weekly prizes include i-pads and up to 60,000 Priority Club bonus points.

On each Tuesday a picture and clue are posted. Identify the location with some specificity, like Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington, USA and not Seattle or Washington. Correct answers submitted on Tuesday win 2,000 bonus points. Another photo and clue will be added Wednesday. Answer correctly on Wednesday and earn 1,500 points. Thursday will reveal a third photo and clue. Friday is the fourth and final picture and clue and the last day of the week to enter for points. Entries must be made before midnight eastern time zone each day to count for that day’s points.

  • Tuesday correct answer earns 2,000 Priority Club points
  • Wednesday correct answer 1,500 Priority Club points
  • Thursday correct answer earns 1,000 Priority Club points
  • Friday correct answer earns 500 Priority Club points

The correct answer is revealed on Monday of each week.

Entrants are allowed to submit one answer per day. Points will be awarded based on the first day the correct answer is submitted. Members who submit a correct answer are entered into the weekly drawing.

FlyerTalk has a thread for the Anywhere Challenge game where the community is collectively adding input on the correct identity for the photos. I submitted my answer on Wednesday and I am hoping to get 1,500 points.

Enter the contest today and you can earn 500 points for Week 1, assuming you guess correctly, and be entered into the first week drawing for 30,000 bonus points.

Here are the weekly prizes:

Priority Club Anywhere Challenge Weekly Prize Drawings

This promotion is based around the IHG Priority Club Rewards feature of Hotels Anywhere. Priroity Club allows members to use Priority Club points for any hotel.

Here is my Loyalty Traveler post from May 20, 2010 on Priority Club Hotels Anywhere.

Post Update 9-10-10: I just spent an hour or so going through Hotels Anywhere rates and the program has added many more hotels since my review in May. Also, I see that Priority Club has a subtle second blow for HHonors members to follow-up on the ‘Biggest Loser’ campaign.

After searching hotels in four cities I have found numerous examples where the cost of a Hilton brand hotel through Hotels Anywhere using Priority Club points requires fewer Priority Club points than the reward cost will be in HHonors points. Considering the base earn rate is 10 points per $1 for both Hilton HHonors and Priority Club and PC promotions are generally more lucrative than HHonors, the opportunity to get Hilton hotel rewards for fewer Priority Club points gives an entirely different take on “double dip”.

HHonors members who earn Points & Points get 15 points per $1, but that higher rate is negated for Priority Club members who get multiple stay bonuses from combined promotions. There are some great opportunities to use Priority Club points for other hotel brands at competitive rates to what those brands charge their own loyalty program members for hotel rewards. Do your research and you may find some hot deals.

Hilton San Francisco, Friday, Sep 24

  • HHonors 50,000 points,
  • Priority Club Hotels Anywhere 45,000 points

Doubletree Hotel San Jose, Friday Sep 24

  • HHonors 35,000 points Category 5 reward
  • Priority Club Hotels Anywhere 22,000 points

I also found some good deals for Hyatt, Starwood and Marriott hotels. I’ll put together a post in the coming days on Hotels Anywhere to share more examples of good deals.

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  1. Is it just me, or are the Priority Club folks a lot more creative than the rest of the industry? I haven’t really paid much attention to them, but looking at some promos this year

    – biggest looser
    – crack the case
    – PC Anywhere Challenge Game

    they put a lot of effort into coming up with interesting stuff.

    I got the Crack the Case offer via Snail Mail and it was a nicely designed and personalized card. Compare that to your average double-points or double-miles promo from Hyatt/Hilton/SPG…

    (of course, in the end all that bling doesn’t matter and the earnings count)

  2. I got the correct answer for Week 1 with Arikok National Park, Aruba. I was expecting 1,500 points for answering on Wednesday. I just realized that I submitted my answer at 10pm California time so I should only get 1,000 points for a Thursday, 1am eastern time submission.

    FlyerTalk people are good detectives.

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