Hotel Loyalty 2010 Summer Promotions Hotel points to Airline Miles Exchange

1,000 GoldPoints New Member Enrollment Bonus

Enroll as a new member by September 6 in Goldpoints Plus using promotion code GPX2010 and receive 1,000 bonus points. Carlson Hotels Goldpoints Plus loyalty program covers the 1,000+ hotels in Radisson, Park Plaza, Park Inn and Country Inn & Suites hotel brands. Goldpoints plus new member registration link.

This offer is only valid for new members without an existing account.


Goldpoints Plus has lowest minimum transfer for airline miles

Goldpoints plus is a useful program for small mileage transfers. 2,000 goldpoints exchange into 250 miles with a variety of programs.

Goldpoints plus has the lowest minimum transfer rate for points-to-miles exchanges for a general member among the major programs (SPG Platinum members have no minimum transfer level):

  • Hilton = 10,000 point block = 1,000 miles (1,500 AA miles)
  • Marriott = 10,000 points minimum = 2,000 miles
  • Priority Club = 10,000 point block = 2,000 miles
  • Wyndham Rewards = 8,000 points minimum = 3,200 miles
  • Hyatt = 5,000 points block = 2,000 miles
  • Best Western = 5,000 points block = 1,000 miles
  • Choice Privileges = 5,000 points block= 1,000 miles
  • SPG = 2,500 points minimum transfer (non-elite members) = 2,500 miles
  • Goldpoints Plus = 2,000 points = 250 miles

Goldpoints plus may not look like a great exchange at the 2,000 points rate compared to other programs. Keep in mind that you earn 20 points per US$1/1€ for Radisson hotel stays and 15 points per US$ for Country Inn & Suites. The points-to-miles exchange rate is variable and improves greatly with higher transfer levels.

At the 100,000 points = 18,000 miles rate, you will find Goldpoints Plus is consistently the best exchange rate among hotel loyalty programs with only Marriott Rewards offering a better exchange rate at its high transfer level of 125,000 points for 50,000 miles.

Here is a Loyalty Traveler post showing exchange rates for different hotel programs for U.S. airlines at various transfer levels.

Goldpoints plus also awards 1,000 bonus points for an online reservation.  After one stay in a Carlson Hotel booked online, you will have enough points for a points-to-miles transfer. This is a convenient way to keep airline frequent flier accounts active without flying.

Related links: Click on the categories link for Goldpoints Plus on the left side of Loyalty traveler blog and you will find a dozen or so articles on Goldpoints plus promotions and Carlson Hotels. This program slashed award night cost this past year, offered some high value bonuses and probably has made more program changes for the better than any other hotel loyalty program in 2010.

Goldpoints Plus is a good program for new members to check out. Perhaps you will find yourself checking in more frequently at Carlson Hotels.


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