My Priority Club Crack the Case 162,000 Bonus Points Offer

Priority Club’s Crack the Case is a fantastic promotion for me. You will have to check your own email offer to decide the promotion value for yourself. There are so many variations to this email offer that I can only explain mine as an example of the Crack the Case promotion released today.

Crack the Case 162,000 Bonus Points Offer for Ric Garrido

I will earn bonus points for completing each of five tasks called “latches”.  I need to complete or “open the latch” for only four of the five latches to earn my “Crack the Case” bonus of 91,000 bonus points. The timeframe for accomplishing the tasks of this promotion is through May 31, 2011.

My five latches to open (fulfilling four of these five tasks earns an additional 91,000 bonus points)

  • Stay 10 room nights = 5,000 points
  • Stay at 2 brands = 2,200 points
  • Stay 2 Saturdays = 3,300 points
  • Priority Club Select Visa = 60,000 points
  • Take a Survey = 500 points


FlyerTalk thread shows wide range of ‘Crack the Case’ offers

This FlyerTalk thread details dozens of individualized offers. Some members have high hurdles and others, like me, have easily manageable, relatively low cost latches to open for a huge overall bonus.

The tasks are similar for the various targeted promotions, however, the quantities needed to fulfill the tasks and the bonus points earned for each task are the main variables differentiating individual offers.

For example, one FlyerTalker stated the survey earns 2,000 points in his case; 68 room nights required to earn 12,800 points; and 38 hotels to earn 21,700 points.

68 room nights and 38 different hotels is quite a higher hurdle than 10 room nights and 2 brands for earning the “Crack the Case” bonus.

Another FlyerTalker states a Crack the Case potential bonus of 467,700 points, but to fulfill the requirements will take either 108 nights or 68 properties by May 31, 2011. Perhaps that is not insurmountable for this particular Priority Club member, but I would be highly unlikely to reach that level of hotel stays – even with half a million points incentive.

It appears that Priority Club members with infrequent stays received the low threshold, high bonus  offers. I had a few IHG brand hotel stays last summer and fall, but no IHG hotel stays so far in 2010.

I plan to Crack My Case

My offer will earn 102,000 bonus points without even bothering to take on a Priority Club credit card. If I choose the credit card offer, then I could get 157,000 bonus points after just two hotel nights in two different IHG brands between now and May 31, 2011.

For me, this a 5-key Priority Club promotion offer that will entice me to Crack the Case.

Is “Crack the Case” a good promotion for you?

Check your email to find out the individual latches you need to open in order to crack your case for Priority Club bonus points.

About Ric Garrido

Ric Garrido of Monterey, California started Loyalty Traveler in 2006 for traveler education on hotel and air travel, primarily using frequent flyer and frequent guest loyalty programs for bargain travel. Loyalty Traveler joined in 2008.

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  1. […] Priority Club – Crack the Case – I can’t believe I still need 3 more hotel nights to get my 91,000 Crack the Case Priority Club bonus points. I am reprimanding myself right now for not getting all the hotel stays between October and December 2010 when every two stays earned a free night. Too much time away from my working wife and too little money to spend on travel seems to be the primary obstacles to living an Intercontinental Priority Club life. […]


  1. Erik, your not alone.. I am hoping that since this is a highly individualized promotion that they are doing it in batches.. If I don’t see something by Friday I will email them.

  2. So the question is, can 2 Saturday night stays at 2 different brands (one night each, that is), qualify for toward the 2 Sat nights, 2 different brands, and the 10 stay nights?

    In other words, without getting the card, can you get the 4-lock bonus just by completing the survey and staying 10 nights?

  3. Not a very good promo.
    19 nights for 2200 points???? Are you kidding?

    My total is 50800 points, but I have to jump through hoops to get 8000 points, then if I complete all 5 tasks, I get a bonus of 42000 to get me to the total of 50k points. It is almost like they never imagined other members would know about other offers. I am a platinum member, and they only want to offer me 2200 points for staying 19 different times????

  4. Guess they aren’t used to real road-warriors:

    “The response must be between 40 and 180. Number of business nights cannot be less than 40 stays indicated in previous question.”

    That’s what I get when I take the survey and put in the number of nights that I spent in a hotel on business in the last year (220 nights). Guess I’ll just put in the max 180.

  5. I currently have more than 300.000 points.
    I was asked to crack 4 cases:
    1) Survey for 500 points
    2) Stay 78 nights, earn 14,400 points
    3) Stay at 27 properties, earn 15000 points
    4) Stay 3 Saturdays, earn 1700 points

    Unlock all 4 and get another 194,400 points

  6. My offer was for 209,300 bonus points:

    60k for Priority Club CC
    1k for survey
    10k for email opt-in
    5.6k for 10 room nights
    4.4k for staying at 2 brands
    3.3k for staying 2 saturdays

    even without the CC, I’m looking at roughly 150k bonus points + 5 free nights (Sweet Dilemma) + platinums status (currently Gold) + base points of 5-10 per dollar for about $850 in hotel spend for the 10 nights. Definitely in.

    BTW I’ve made on 1 stay at IHG before (Crowne Plaza last summer) which is why my offer seems to be better than others. The only balance I have is about 25k, 20k of which was from the Biggest Loser promo.

  7. My crack the case offer is for 210,300 bonus points.

    I get 125.000 if I crack the case, need 5 out of 6:

    60k for Priority Club CC
    2k for survey
    10k for email opt-in
    5.6k for 10 room nights
    4.4k for staying at 2 brands
    3.3k for staying 2 Saturdays

    Similar to Ken above, my balance was just under 20,000, and most of that was from the biggest loser promo. Possibly this is only being offered to those that signed up for biggest loser promo???

  8. My offer goes up to 140,700 bonus points.

    2800 for 10 room nights
    2200 for 2 brands
    1700 for 2 saturdays
    60k for cc
    2000 for survey

    My balance is just over 12k, carried over from last year. Very few stays this year, IIRC only one Intercon stay in February. Missed the Biggest Loser promo.

  9. I received my invite, had to wait 48 hours to be activated… eagerly checked… you’ve got to be kidding me!

    I received my login on Sunday the 6th Sep. I have until the 31st May 2011 to do it. What’s that 265 days.

    This are my targets:
    339 room nights for 125,600 bonus
    5 brands for 4,400
    27 saturdays for 15,000
    500 points for a survey

    If i do all that I get an extra 550,000 bonus points.

    You cant be serious. I like how they give me tips on how to achieve this “why not surprise your wife and stay at an Intercontinental and enjoy a spa treatment”. Really! That’s going to get my target!

    There aren’t even 339 nights in the period I have. There are only 4 brands outside of the US (I live in Asia) – Holiday Inn, Express, Crowne Plaza and IC. There may be 27 saturdays… but I have to start now.

    I stayed around 34 nights so far this year so I know I am a big user but wow! Are they having a lend of me or what?

  10. @Nod — I emailed and received my code a few days later. Surprisingly, I then also received a fairly “fancy” mailer via USPS that provided the same code. One of my latches was for signing up for email (10k) and when I logged in for the first time, it was already completed. Presumably because I had selected to receive emails shortly after reading about the promo here last month. All this leads me to believe that I was already selected for the promo but my code just hadn’t been mailed yet when I contacted customer service.

  11. For all those who did not receive and email.

    I didn’t either. But becuase i am a PC member i called up and asked. They made an offer of crack the cases for me personnally. So if you didn’t receive an email… Call them!!!

  12. I’m a hundred night a year guy with a priority club visa card and NO OFFER. Disapointed in Priority Club. Gonna cancel my visa card tonight after reading the board and seeing who got what.

    Looks like Im a Hilton/Sheraton guy for 2012.

  13. @Road Warrior – did you call/email them for an offer? Then again, with your stay history your offer would likely be very challenging.

  14. wow, you got off easy! we had to stay at 5 brands, as well as spend over $124,000 on our credit card…which we are pretty darn sure we aren’t going to make! I mean, our credit card limit isn’t high enough to sustain that either!

  15. i redeemed one of my free nights on saturday, which fulfilled my 4th mission, then i earned 105,000 bonus points, as well as reaching platinum level~!!! i wasn’t keeping track of this promotion, and this is a very pleasant surprise!!!! 😀

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