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Starwood Hawaii Resorts 50% off is not the best rate

PointsWizard posted yesterday about the 50% off Starwood Resorts special offer with free breakfast or dining discounts for Hawaii and French Polynesia good for stays through the end of 2010. Half off rack rates are usually not the best deal. My initial look at the offer indicated this might be a good sale. Then I found better rates with rate comparisons for the two hotels I checked for three to six night stays.

The Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas on Maui had a lower priced 3rd night free special offer that comes with free breakfast just like the 50% off rate, yet also includes a potential room upgrade. Westin Princeville Ocean Resorts Villas on Kauai had a better AAA rate with breakfast.

Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas, Maui

October 10-16, 2010

Oceanview 1 bedroom villa, full kitchen, whirlpool, 1 King Bed + 1 Queen Sofa

  • $425/night = SPG50F rate (50% off resort special offer includes breakfast for two each day)
  • $448/night = AAA ($100 resort credit per stay)
  • $560/night = AAA (daily breakfast)

The SPG50F 50% off resort special offer looked like a good deal here. Then I clicked on the Hotel Special Offers link and found the 3rd night free rate that also includes daily breakfast and a complimentary room upgrade if available. Use Starwood drop-down rate menu and enter ZS3 in SET/Corporate Account # for 3rd night free rates.

$360 per night (ZS3 = 3rd night free rate) at ($540/night x 4 nights) + (2 nights free) = $2,160 for six nights.

$425/night (SPG50F rate = 50% off resort rate) x 6 nights = $2,550 for six nights.

Westin Princeville Ocean Resorts Villas, Kauai

October 10-16, 2010

Premium Island view 1 bedroom suite 799sf, full kitchen, whirlpool, 1 King Bed + 1 Queen Sofa

  • $350/night = SPG50F rate (50% off resort special offer with 35% discount on dinner)
  • $306/night = AAA breakfast rate (daily breakfast included)
  • $299/night = AAA parking rate (free parking, no breakfast)
  • $343/night = ZS3 3rd night free rate + complimentary daily breakfast ($515 x 4 nights + 2 nights free).

The best rate for this hotel is the AAA with breakfast rate at $44 per night less than the 50% off resort rate. After tax the AAA rate will save about $50 per night on your hotel stay. Daily complimentary breakfast may be more value than a 35% discount on the hotel restaurant for dinner only using the SPG50F rate.

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  • Dave August 6, 2010

    Does one pay taxes on the 3rd night on a Z3H rate?

  • Boraxo August 9, 2010

    These are good rates for timeshares, but the Sheraton Maui and Westin Maui properties are a better deal for those who don’t need the extra space. They also have 3rd night free offers as well as SPG points + cash

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