Goldpoints Plus Elites earn 2000 points online booking bonus

Carlson Hotels Goldpoints Plus has a rare benefit in the hotel loyalty program world these days in giving bonus points for online bookings. The booking bonus of 1,000 points for any hotel reservation made online is available to any goldpoints plus member. And recently the online booking bonus was raised to 2,000 points for Goldpoints Plus Silver and Gold elite members.

Goldpoints plus Silver elite requires 10 stays or 15 nights in a calendar year. Silver elite members receive a 25% bonus on base points.

Gold elite membership takes 20 stays or 35 nights in a calendar year. Gold elites receive a 50% bonus on base points.

Goldpoints plus members normally earn 20 points per US$1 in the Americas or Asia-Pacific or 20 points per 1€ in Europe, Africa and the Middle East at Radisson Hotels or Park Plaza Hotels. Country Inn and Suites or Park Inn hotel stays earn 15 points per US$1 or 1€ in these regions.

Spend $150 at a Radisson Hotel in the USA and earn 3,000 base points + 1,000 online booking bonus points for 4,000 total points as a general goldpoints plus member. Silver elite member earns 5,750 total points. Gold elite earns 6,500 points.

Free nights with goldpoints plus start at 15,000 points for a Category 1 award night and go up to 60,000 points per night for a top level category 6 hotel award. A benefit of goldpoints plus in recent years is a periodic promotion for 50% off award nights. This promotion happened earlier in 2010 and hopefully will return later this year or in 2011.

A regular redemption benefit of Goldpoints plus are Cash + Points award nights starting at 5,000 points for category 1-3 hotels and a cash supplement.

Members seeking miles from hotel stays will find Goldpoints Plus has one of the best points-to-miles exchange rates of all hotel loyalty programs. Only Marriott Rewards tends to be better at higher transfer levels, but goldpoints plus has the advantage of allowing points-to-miles transfers starting at just 2,000 points for 250 miles with more than 20 different airlines. The rate improves to 18,000 miles when exchanging 100,000 points.

The current Goldpoints Plus promotion running through August 31 offers a free night at any Carlson Hotel worldwide with two stays at any Carlson Hotel worldwide. This is about the best deal currently available for travelers seeking to leverage paid hotel stays over the next six weeks into free nights you can use from September 1 through February 28, 2011.  

If you are wondering where the best hotel loyalty program deal is for hotel travel over the next several weeks, Carlson Hotels and goldpoints plus may be your best match. There are more than 1,000 Carlson Hotels globally with over 500 Country Inn & Suites properties in the USA alone.


  • kay July 19, 2010

    The rooms are crappy including Radisson properties. My experience was based on my recent stays at Omaha, NE, Pheonix, AZ and Pittsburg, PA. I status matched to Hyatt Diamond and I wanted to use the free nights promo. But based on my experience, I am not going to spend my money and time at place where I can’t sleep when the air conditioner is not working.

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