Mommy Bloggers 25,000 Points Giveaways Promote Marriott Instant Redemption Awards

Here are three more mommy blogs offering 25,000 Marriott Rewards points in a Marriott campaign to promote Instant Redemption Rewards.

Marriott Rewards appears to be in a win-win situation by not paying bloggers to advertise their hotel loyalty program offers while letting bloggers promote their blogs to a wider audience.

Marriott Rewards 25,000 Point Giveaways

Here are three Mommy Blogs offering 25,000 Marriott Rewards points for leaving a comment in giveaways over the next two weeks. I believe all these giveaways are limited to US residents.

TheMommy-Files.com – Shannon – Marriott Instant Redemption Awards Giveaway

  • Post date June 30, 2010; 61 posted comments July 1.
  • Thursday July 8, 2010 11:59PST entry deadline

RockinMama.net – Caryn – Marriott Rewards Instant Redemption Giveaway

  • Post date June 28, 2010; 133 posted comments July 1.
  • Monday July 12, 2010 11:59PST entry deadline

TheMomBuzz.com – Erin Tales – Marriott Rewards program, #win Instant Redemption Awards

  • Post date June 21, 2010; 173 posted comments July 1.
  • Wednesday July 14, 2010 entry deadline


Hey Marriott, I know I am not a mommy, but …

I wonder why Marriott Rewards didn’t contact Loyalty Traveler for a giveaway opportunity.

Oh right, I posted this last March 24 on my blog regarding Marriott Rewards Instant Redemption Awards – Nessun Problema.

As of Monday, March 22 you have the opportunity to redeem your Marriott Rewards points at all participating Marriott rewards hotels in the U.S. and Canada (except Hawaii) for horrible value to pay for things like your hotel room, spa treatments, bar tabs, activity fees, and whatever else you can find at the hotel to spend your points rather than your cash.

To be fair to instant redemption awards, the value is more acceptable once you get into the 100,000 points for $500 credit, but this program might not be much use to you unless you have more points than you can possibly use or you are reimbursed entirely for your hotel stays and have no need of hotel free nights on points.

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