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Sex Club Results in Police Closure of Hilton Chongqing

Chinese police shut down the Hilton Chongqing Monday June 21 after a vice squad raid on Saturday that detained 102 people and resulted in the arrest of 22 people in connection to a suspected prostitution ring being run in the Diamond Dynasty karaoke club in the basement of the hotel. The hotel is expected to be shut down for at least the next two weeks and possibly longer according to news reports.

A statement by the Chongqing police reported hotel staff including hotel managers, guards, and receptionists were involved in the ring.

A reservations check on the Hilton website shows no room availability over the next two weeks before July 6 at the Hilton Chongqing, but reservations can be made for dates after that.

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A raid last month at the Passion Club next to the Sheraton Great Wall Beijing led to the closure of that club for six months. Here is a blog post about the loss of clubs for Beijing’s elite.