Hotel Loyalty 2010 Summer Promotions

Goldpoints Plus Triple Points at Some Cost

Select Carlson Hotels are offering triple point rates through July 31 at about 30% of the global properties.

Radisson and Park Plaza brands normally earn 20 base points per US$1 in the Americas or Asia-Pacific regions or 20 base points per 1€ for EMEA region of Europe, Middle East and Africa. Country Inn & Suites or Park Inn stays earn 15 base points per US$1 or 1€ for these same regions. Triple points mean 60 points per $/€ for Radisson/Park Plaza stays and 45 points for other brands.

The luxury Regent Hotel brand was sold by Carlson Hotels and left the goldpoints plus loyalty program as of June 15, 2010.


Triple points is a special rate offer and results in a higher nightly room rate than some other rate options. The member will need to decide if the points differential is worth the extra cost.

Triple points rates appear to be combinable with the stay two and earn one free night promotion.

Radisson Suite Hotel, Huntsville, Alabama

  • Saturday, June 19
  • Triple Points Rate = $102.35 or $115.63 after tax.
  • 3x points rate earns 6,141 points.
  • AAA rate = $80.10 and $90.71 after tax.
  • AAA rate earns 1,602 base points. 

Triple Points rate net gain is 4,539 points for $24.92.

(3x earn rate = $5.49 per 1,000 points)

Radisson Suite Hotel Huntsville is a category 2 goldpoints plus hotel redemption for 25,000 points per night. The extra points earned are equivalent to $137 cost for a free night at the Radisson Huntsville. This is not a good value for this hotel compared to the current prevailing rates, but the use of the extra points for a Points + Cash Award Night or another hotel might give a better value for points.

Country Inn & Suites, Sunnyvale, California

  • Wednesday, July 7
  • Triple Points rate = $174.80 Guest Room ($190.53 after tax)
  • 7,866 points (3x rate)
  • AAA rate = $136.80 ($149.11 after tax)
  • 2,052 points (AAA rate)

5,814 additional points with Triple Points rate for $41.42.

(3x earn rate = $7.12 per 1,000 points)

Loyalty Traveler Triple Points Offer Conclusion: Triple points is a route to accelerated goldpoints earning, however, the higher rates for earning triple points mitigates the value of this offer. This is a good offer if the earning rate is less than $5.00 per 1,000 points when paying higher triple points rates. 

Overall, the triple points offer is not particularly lucrative unless you have an immediate specific plan for using points or you plan to hold points until the next offer for 50% off hotel awards which seems to be a regular periodic offer of goldpoints plus.  

Loyalty traveler key rank for goldpoints plus triple points = 2 of 5 keys.

Keep in mind the two stays for one free night promotion from June 1 – August 31 is a 5-key offer and one of the best opportunities available these next few months for frequent travelers in the hotel loyalty program world.


  • Chip June 18, 2010

    Thanks for the breakdown! It’s good to have someone that cuts through the marketing bull****. Taking advantage of the 2 for 1 this weekend, although with 80 hotel days already under my belt already in ’10, I’m sure they’ll will be over more deals.

  • Kay June 19, 2010

    I stayed at Omaha, NE at 2 country inn suites and I got a rate plan where I can earn 10000 Bonus points for each stay.

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