Priority Club New Pointbreaks Hotels Not Here Yet, But Soon

The current Priority Club Rewards Pointbreaks list of hotels expires Tuesday, March 30. I have been checking for the new batch of hotels, but nothing yet. These incredible deals at 5,000 points per night save a minimum of 50% on the lowest award nights for 10,000 points, save 80% on the award night cost for a Crowne Plaza, and even bigger savings for an InterContinental Hotel. Link to IHG Priority Club Rewards PointBreaks Awards.

The biggest drawback for Pointbreaks is the rapid booking and removal of the best properties soon after the new list appears. Once last year I woke up in the morning to learn the new Pointbreaks list had been posted the night before and several of the InterContinental Hotels in the original list were already removed within 12 hours.

You have to be fast for the most desirable hotels. Heads up to keep an eye out for these bargain awards that will likely be refreshed sometime this next week.

I decided to look at Pointbreaks from a different perspective for this post. We are in the last three nights of the current award list. I wondered how many hotels are still on the list compared to when the list posted in early January.

Here are the results showing the number of hotels still on the Pointbreaks list at the end of this current booking period.

USA – 52 hotels (Jan 13); 12 hotels (March 27)

Canada – 5 hotels (Jan 13); 3 hotels (Mar 27) including Crowne Plaza Moncton and Crowne Plaza Edmonton.

Mexico – 4 hotels (Jan 13); 2 hotels (March 27)

Europe – 11 hotels (Jan 13); 5 hotels (March 27); originally 8 countries and now only 3 countries left.

Central and South America – 3 hotels (Jan 13); all 3 hotels still available March 27 including IC Cali, Colombia.

Africa – 2 hotels (Jan 13); 2 hotels (March 27) IC Nairobi still available for 5,000 points per night!

Priority Club Rewards PointBreaks is 10,000 points for two nights in Deluxe Room March 28-30, 2010

The InterContinental Nairobi Deluxe Room has a published rate of USD$255 and is $40 per night higher than the Superior room at $215. PointBreaks lets you choose between these two room categories for the same 5,000 points

The tax is the real shocker on a paid room rate at the IC Nairobi. PointBreaks award gets around that.

Priority Club InterContinental Nairobi total room rate

Over $700 to buy two nights at the IC Nairobi or spend $125 to buy 10,000 points for the two PointBreaks award nights!

Middle East – 4 hotels (Jan 13); 2 hotels (March 27) IC Tashkent, Uzbekistan still 5,000 points.

Asia – 4 hotels (Jan 13); 2 hotels (March 27); IC Jakarta Midplaza and Holiday Inn Shanghai Vista gone.

Oceania – 3 hotels (Jan 13); 2 hotels (March 27); no surprise that the IC Adelaide is gone.

So amazingly, there have been three InterContinental Hotels in Tashkent, Cali, and Nairobi for only 5,000 points per night for the past three months ($67.50 to simply buy 5,000 points from Priority Club).

How many tourists spent well over $67.50 for their room rate at these hotels?

March 29 Update: Some hotel properties are currently showing PointBreaks awards available through June 30. The PointBreaks page has not yet been updated, however, some IHG properties offering PointBreaks through June can be found in this FlyerTalk thread.

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