Hyatt Place Celebrates 150 Hotels, Enter by March 31 to Win 5,000 points

Every Hyatt Place is awarding 5,000 Gold Passport points to a member who registers for the giveaway at the front desk of any Hyatt Place hotel property from March 24-31, 2010. Hyatt Place has opened its 150th property in just three years. #150 is Hyatt Place Charleston Airport/Convention Center, South Carolina.

To celebrate this sesquicent achievement in my sesquipedalian fashion I have to tell you my story about this promotion.

I just saw the Hyatt press release today and an asterisk in the text states,

*Official rules will be posted at the front desk.

I called my two regional Hyatt Place properties. Neither front desk employee had any idea what I was talking about. I called the Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond line. No information about the promotion.

The Hyatt Place Dublin staffer did take my number and called me back after ten minutes with the official rules.

Big shout out to Hyatt Place Dublin. Loyalty Traveler was there in January and posted this review.

And if you are reading my blog I hope you have a hotel stay planned at a Hyatt Place by March 31.

Here are the room rates in Mr. L.T.’s neighborhood tomorrow night:

Hyatt Place Dublin/Pleasanton $69.00

Hyatt Fremont/Silicon Valley $66.00

The chance to win 5,000 points is not the primary reason you should stay at a Hyatt Place sometime over the next four nights. The primary reason is BWB “The Big Welcome Back.”

Starting tomorrow night, March 26 or today if you are anywhere east of the USA, two stays at any Hyatt hotel earn a free night at any Hyatt Hotel.

Tomorrow night is in the 60s, the temperature and the rates in Silicon Valley and East Bay, California.

Monterey ($120 this weekend, come on down) and Carmel Highlands ($468 for Saturday night, bring your AmEx Platinum, but soon you’ll be able to have a Hyatt Visa and and you can always try to use your free nights at the Highlands Inn. I do.)

So drop by that cheap Hyatt Place and register for the 5,000 points giveaway by Wednesday, March 31.

And if your local Hyatt Place hotels are promoting this giveaway like my regional Hyatt Place hotels, then you might be in a very small pool of contestants entered into the drawing for 5,000 points.

By the way – the official rules as read to me sounded like you do not even need to be a registered guest at the Hyatt Place to enter the 5,000 points giveaway. Just show up at a Hyatt Place and ask to enter the giveaway with your Gold Passport number and gracious charm*.

Link to the Hyatt Place Press Release (March 24, 2010)

* Has anyone who has been at a Hyatt Place these past two days heard about this promotion?

Please comment if you have the gumption to try a walk-in entry when not a registered guest at the Hyatt Place.

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  1. I will have a stay at the HP Cincinnati tonight. I will pay attention to the promotion and see if they promote it or not.

  2. I completed my stay and unfortunately the hotel was clueless about the 5000 pts promotion. Heck, they didn’t know that the Diamond amenity is.

  3. Rats, I *just* checked out of a HP two hours ago. Should’ve read the blog instead of the free WSJ they gave me. They did alert me to the BWB promo (which I knew about already) when I checked in yesterday, but not this one. I’ll call them and see if they can register me for it.

  4. I just checked out of Hyatt Place Dublin – according to staff there everyone with a gold passport # is automatically entered to win.

  5. Please explain me, i didnt quite understand:
    is it:

    a) EVERYONE who stays at Hyatt Place during these dates and registers for the promotion GETS this 5000 points to his/her account.


    b) EVERYONE who stays at Hyatt Place during these dates and registers for the promotion has a CHANCE to win 5000 points, but it IS NOT GUARANTEED? And all registered people in THIS Hyatt Place are competitors to one smallish 5000-point award?

    If it’s B, then the chances are pretty slim, aren’t they?

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