No Rooms at the Top of the Dolphin

So I counted the floors out of anality and realized there are many more floors of windows than there are guest floors at the Walt Disney World Dolphin. An additional clue is I have to walk to the end of the hall to reach my room and there are more rooms on my floor than windows up near the top of the building.

To solve my quest for useless knowledge, I hung my yellow gorilla (camera tripod) from the window curtain rod and went outside to look.

The top floor of guest rooms appears to be the floor just above the large center square of windows. The top 8 or 9 windows are not guest room floors.

Incredible views anyway, including a huge fireball during the Epcot 9pm fireworks show last night. There was a delay of about 5 to 8 minutes when nothing was happening. I thought perhaps they accidentally blew up Epcot. That was some huge fireball last night.

Lovely room, lovely resort, and many more photos to come. But that is something I can do back at home. For now I have to go see if Mickey and Minnie are still line dancing on the beach!

Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel (a category 4 Starwood Hotels resort)

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