Hotel Rates Today are Lower than 2004

So why is my hotel award so much more? has released their 7th annual Hotel Price Index (HPI). This Expedia owned company has extensive hotel data from over 94,000 hotels in 16,000 locations globally, providing comprehensive data on the state of the hotel industry.

This is a fantastic resource for hotel rate data. There are plenty of visuals with geographic detail on hotel rate changes around the world in the 38 page report. You can even see a breakdown of US states and major cities to get an idea of average hotel rates in your location.

Bottom line is hotel rates dropped significantly over 2009. The HPI states hotel rates were actually lower at the end of 2009 than they were at the time of the first set of hotel rate data gathered in the first quarter of 2004.

This might be helpful in planning your vacation if you want to get an idea of where to find the bargain travel destinations. Or perhaps you want to know where the jet set are vacationing? Could it be Capri?

Link to Hotel Price Index Study – March 2010

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