13 More Days! Hotel Indigo New York City-Chelsea Free Night Sweepstakes

There are 13 days left in this 30 day contest for a free night at Hotel Indigo Chelsea in New York City. Hotel Indigo is the luxury boutique brand of Intercontinental Hotels Group. I don’t know anything personally about this hotel. New York City is unfamiliar ground to me.

Sign up for the promotion and register a password. This is a marketing profile giveaway. Provide your name, email, address, and age.

One entry is allowed each day and you must be a resident of the U.S. or Canada to enter sweepstakes.

Relevant sweepstakes fine print that I noticed:

 Daily prize of one room. 30 prizes are to be given away over 30 days.

Contest ends February 17, 2010.

The hotel has discretion on available dates for using free night.

Sweepstakes Registration: Hotel Indigo New York City-Chelsea Free Night Entry registration link

Sweepstakes Rules: Hotel Indigo New York City-Chelsea 2010 Official Contest Rules link

This was going to be a quick post until I read juliana’s Hotel Chatter pieces “Break Out Your Dolla Bills: Hotel Indigo Opens in Chelsea for $349 a Night” – Oct 13, 2009  and “Hotel Inidgo Chelsea is Giving Away a Free Room” – Jan 29, 2010.

Her free room piece posted last week stated rates had dropped to $153 from the $349 opening price at the Hotel Indigo Chelsea.  That is a precipitous descent in 100 days of opening in October 2009.

I decided to check Hotel Indigo NYC-Chelsea  rates for the last weekend in February. I went to the Hotel Indigo New York City-Chelsea website. There is a quick reservations box on the left side.  

The calendar icon automatically opened for February when I clicked it. If I had had a full night’s sleep I might have noticed a clue that something was amiss with a Friday, February 28 check-in and Sunday, March 1 checkout.

The rate search came back with an error message that the hotel could not book rooms so far in advance.

Come on!

I entered February 28 and March 1 using the onscreen calendar. That is less than 4 weeks away.

I take another look at the dates.

Saturday, February 29.

2010 is not a leap year.

Hotel Indigo New York City-Chelsea Quick Reservations is a look into the future


The year is 2020.

The calendar icons grayed out when trying to move before the default month of February 2020. This room booking avenue on the Hotel Indigo Chelsea site was useless.

Fortunately, there was another reservation icon.

The rates are still $153 for the weekend of February 26-28, 2010 using AAA rate. Best part is the rate may be cancelled until 6pm day of arrival.

So after room taxes the free room giveaway is worth $179 at a minimum.

Of course the room rates could always drop another 50% in the next four months.

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