Hyatt Gold Passport G Bonuses for March 1 – May 31

Hyatt has added new G Bonus offers for hotel stays from March 1 to May 31. Hyatt Gold Passport members can frequently earn 1,000 to 2,000 bonus points by paying attention to G bonus offers prior to booking a Hyatt brand hotel reservation. Individual hotels have special bonus points offers (some hotels offer bonus miles) which are found on the Hyatt Gold Passport Special Offers page, but not under the Hyatt Special Offers tab. This can be confusing if you don’t know where to look for the link.

The link for Hyatt Gold Passport G bonus special offer points and miles is located in the dark shaded column area at the right of the Gold Passport Special Offers page.

Hyatt Gold Passport Special Offers page shows G Bonus link in right column

Hyatt Gold Passport Special Offers page shows G Bonus link in right column

Over 200 hotels of 400+ Hyatt brand hotels globally offer some kind of G Bonus Points or A bonus miles offers with the current list of hotels.  Booking through the G Bonus link or calling customer service to add the G Bonus special offer to your reservation is an easy way to greatly increase the 5 points per US$1 earned from a hotel stay.

I typically book AAA group rates when staying at Hyatt Hotels. The G Bonus offer link will often show a much higher rate than the AAA rate and the G bonus offer does not show when booking a AAA rate.

No problem getting both the discount AAA rate and G bonus points. I simply book the AAA rate and then call Hyatt Gold Passport customer service to have the G bonus code added to my reservation.

This month I had reservations at five different Hyatt hotels where I received 2,000 G bonus points per hotel stay. Those bonuses were over 50% of the points earned for the five hotel stays. Along with 1,000 bonus points as a Diamond elite amenity, I earned 15,000 bonus points after five hotel stays, sufficient for a free night at a Category 4 hotel such as the Hyatt Regency San Francisco. Without bonuses, these five stays earned fewer than 4,000 points with my base points and 30% elite bonus.

G Bonus offers come in several versions labeled G1 (1,000 points), G2 (2,000 points), G3 (1,500 points) and may be restricted to certain days of the week as shown by the color code. There are sometimes “A Bonuses” for airline miles.

The current offers expiring February 28, 2010 even include R3 = Suite Upgrade for the Hyatt Regency Belgrade, Serbia and Hyatt Regency Kiev, Ukraine.

R3 Suite Upgrade offer for Hyatt Regency Kiev

R3 Suite Upgrade offer for Hyatt Regency Kiev

And there is N5 = 5th Night Free from March 1 – May 31 for the Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki, Greece.

N5 5th Night Free Offer for Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki

N5 5th Night Free Offer for Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki

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  1. Do you know if Hyatt adds these bonuses all in one fell swoop to the list? In other words, if a hotel after this most recent update doesn’t list a new bonus for after Feb 28, is it safe to assume there won’t be one for the period between March and end of May, or is it worthwhile checking back on a regular basis?

  2. Hi Ric, do you have any scoop whether Hyatt will be offering a new round of G bonus since a lot of the previous G bonuses are expiring today (i.e. May 31)? Thanks.

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